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In MasterMinding Maven® Mary Robinson Reynolds' Signature program, you will learn how to work with others to get to the heart of what you really want, set and achieve goals without brainstorming, accountability or advice-giving!
Compelling mind-body-spirit research concludes music has the power to reduce stress, enhance cognitive functioning, and improve productivity and creativity. Music combined with inspired messages of hope restores faith, renews the mind and opens the way for peaceful solutions.
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"No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third,
invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind."  - Napoleon Hill

7 Steps to the MasterMind Connection®

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What is Masterminding?

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Why would anyone need to do all these sessions?
Why not just pick up the "7 Steps" and start MasterMinding?

Mary couldn't have said it better herself! Listen to author and trainer Nancy Weil explain why she believes in this program:

 Audio of the interview with Nancy Weil


Mary's teleconference presentation (45 minutes)

Now there's a time-tested, proven way for you to stop grasping for success and start setting energy in motion to attract it to you.

MasterMinding is a spiritual - not a religious - endeavor.

This Spiritual Principle is based on an ancient premise that the combined energies of two or more like-minded persons is many, many times greater than the sum of the individual energies involved. This is the force at work in synergism.

If you've chased financial success for many years, couldn't find it, never found it, or found it and lost it ... then you simply MUST set out today to form a powerful MasterMind group - and MasterMinding 101®: A Spiritual Goal Achieving System Online Course will show you exactly how to make that happen!

You'll love the levels of mastery I have to share with you about what MasterMinding can truly do for you that goes above - and light years beyond - mere goal setting, brainstorming and accountability!

No more chasing after money. No more thinking alone. No more doing it all alone.

No more exhausting work that yields miniscule financial results.

No more being stressed out from being: the hard ass, the bitch, the jerk, the boss, the know-it-all or the police (controller) of the entire universe.

No more settling for less than what you really want.



Thank you for writing your awesome MasterMinding 101® Online Course. It has been extremely helpful for application directly into my home-based business. I've been earning a highly substantial monthly income, and am wanting to go to the next level - $50,000 a month - and now, because of your course in MasterMinding, I can see how I'm going to energetically create that quantum leap in my business.

Just two and a half weeks ago I contacted you regarding my business. I bought your course and dove into the work ...and because I hadn't set up my MasterMind group yet, I emailed off my initial requests to you and created a MasterMind session regarding several business issues with you, as my MasterMind coach/partner .

One in particular, that you recommended that I try "just for the fun of it" was attracting people to call me for business. What a new concept! The results have been remarkable! In just two weeks time, I have had three individuals call me out of the blue. Two of them were individuals that I had previously contacted several months prior for business reasons and had simply never gotten back to, and the third was a woman that I had met two years ago!

All three called me and wanted current information about my business. As a result, two have joined me in business and the third will be joining shortly. Thank you Mary for vastly expanding my mental horizons and giving me new dimensions in business strategies. Using your MasterMinding method is truly going to make building my business so much fun ... not to mention rewarding as I get every one of my associates join our MasterMind Group and begin working your MasterMinding program as they enroll.

Your method is so far advanced from the old model of Brainstorming and trying to control and hold people accountable, I can't even begin to tell you how healing what you have to offer in this course has been to my psyche and how I am now focused on being the attractor - not the chaser. How awesome! What a phenomenal mind shift and how profound that I can set goals and make requests for things I have never before even considered - LIKE PEOPLE CALLING ME! And then when you nailed me on my "Criteria"... oh man, do you know what you are doing, lady.

John RyanThanks again... you are the Best!

-John R. - Oregon

Audio of the interview with John Ryan - Oasis Diamond
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Everything That You've Really Wanted All Along
Will Finally Start Being Your Experience

With a powerful MasterMind Group, opportunities will start presenting themselves to you. People who can help you on your journey to making more money will start entering your life.

Creative ideas and hunches for money making ideas will suddenly pop into your mind. Things will start orchestrating themselves and revealing themselves to you. You'll find that things will come to you that hadn't before or that things come so much easier.


The Genius of MasterMinding With the Mary Method
In a recent MasterMind group led by Mary I was able to sell my business within 45 days of when we began. Previously I had advertised it for 18 months and was unable to attract a solid buyer.

One of the MasterMinders in the group (Craig - Mary's husband) asked if I would be "open" to attracting a cash buyer. I laughed out loud with the better part of my mind leaning toward "realistic skepticism." However, I decided to be as open as I could which is the essence of Mary's technique.

Within in 5 days of that session, I had an offer from a "cash" buyer. The deal closed yesterday and I am still shaking my head about the power of Mary's MasterMind process she describes in wonderful detail in her MasterMinding 101® Online Course. This is truly one of the most result-producing techniques for creation I have ever personally experienced.

Thank you! Thank you!
You changed the entire course of my life.
Dr. T Chiropractor, St. Louis, MO

  From the interview with Cheryl Doran, Owner of one of the Top 200 Fastest Growing Salons in the United States
  Cheryl Doran, continued...
  From the interview with Jane Guriel - Oasis Wellness Network
  From the interview with Richard Ross - Wild Oasis Group, Oasis International
  From the interview with Torey De Falco - Wild Oasis Group, Oasis International
  Torey De Falco, continued...
  From the interview with Susan Nisinzweig, Presidential 2004 - Mannatech

Hi Mary,

Just wanted to check in with you since I haven't been in touch for a while! I hope everything is going great for you. I still love your newsletter as it seems to address things that I need in my life when I receive it!

Just an update: Since December, I have increased my weekly compensation by 15 times! And, I have had numerous new enrollments that have had their lives changed by the product and then jumped right into the business with me!

I had always had a more local team, but now my team members are in No../So. California, Texas, Florida, So. Carolina, Minnesotta, Idaho, Oregon and even Canada! So, remember when I was searching for a way....well with the help of writing requests and your guidance, I found it!

I have passed along the concepts of forming a MasterMind Group and writing requests to many of my team members and it is so powerful to see what happens.

I also have shared your information with so many others and always give you credit as the person who was brought to me in a critical point in my journey to guide me to my new abundance and prosperity, so I hope many of them have sought you out also!

I can't thank you enough and think of you often and wish I could keep in touch more often but the great thing is that I am filled with a rapidly growing team and residual income to focus on!

Oh...and the requests have helped me so much with keeping balance and harmony with my family as I am tending to a rapidly growing business!

Thanks again Mary and I hope this finds you in great abundance and peace!

Kimber King - Executive/Trainer and Personal Health Coach

From the interview with Kimber King, Executive Isagenix
Kimber King, continued...

Mary, I am a sixty-one year-old Land Development Specialist. I bought one of your MasterMinding 101® Online Courses for myself and one for my closest colleague, and in agreement together we set an intention for him to bring in a designated amount of new business.

We committed to meeting weekly, and we rigorously set intentions and made specific requests and goals that his job be saved at a time when our company felt they needed to cut back - namely him. Within six months, he was closing more than enough properties to keep the company solvent.

In the midst of the economic decline, utilizing MasterMinding on a regular basis, I have literally turned around more than ten impossible people and land purchase situations. I am presently working the biggest land developer in the country who is financially committed to a very large project, and he is totally intrigued by how I am making things happen where there "appeared" to be no hope!

In just under a year my MasterMind partner and I have brought in 1.5 Million in revenue for our company, and we have enough properties in the works to double if not triple this in 2004!

I also wanted to write to you about how I've used MasterMinding in relationship to my challenges with my partner of 30 years...

I have had such a huge fear of her anger that she unleashes on me when she thinks I'm getting screwed at work because she believes I never stand up for myself.

After all of these years, I have quickly learned through using the MasterMind principle in combination with the energy transfer strategy for a healing, soothing balm of love and joy to come over my partner so that she can level out and remain in her most adult self.

Through setting this new intention in motion, my partner has miraculously come up over her spit-fire anger and zero-to-ninety explosions and is now able to sit down and take a hold of herself and use the tools that work for her to get back in her power.

I'd also like to add that I also reduced my weight so far by fourteen pounds, without depravation or dieting!

Judith F.

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Re: MasterMinding
Date: 4/7/03
Dear Mary,

It was very nice talking to you earlier. I believe in the power of MasterMinding and I like your MasterMinding 101® Online Course eBook a lot.

It was great that I had the opportunity to talk to you and started the interim MasterMinding process already.

My current goal is to find one or two MasterMinding partners to help me bring out my full potential and achieve my goal of creating a successful business.

I think I am ready to make great advances in my lift. I really appreciate your help!
Best, Michael Zhao


Re: MasterMinding
Date: 4/9/03

Mary, thanks for your support in seeing for me that 2 MasterMind partners are on their way to me now....and your great idea! I am reading the related sections of your eCourse you recommended, and its very helpful... I will keep you posted.
Michael Zhao


Re: MasterMinding
Date: 4/18/03

I followed my inner guidance/hunches, as you suggested, and found one MM partner, someone I met a couple of times before. He read "Think and Grow Rich" before and liked the idea a lot. We plan to start our first MM meeting next Tuesday.

In the mean time, I am trying to find another MM partner. I posted an ad as you suggested in the course, and am waiting for responses.

I think this is a successful first step, and thank you very much for your great support!
Michael Zhao


Re: MasterMinding
Date: 4/21/03

Yes, I feel like the MasterMinding process is unfolding for me. Thanks for your help. I will keep you informed.
Michael Zhao


Re: MasterMinding
Date: 5/1/03
Dear Mary,

I am excited to let you know that I found the second MM partner, within the month of April just as stated in the MM request. It seems like a miracle to me. The second partner was brought to me by my first MM partner at our second MM meeting on April 29, and we had instant connection. We decided to have weekly meetings for 8 weeks initially.

Mary, thank you very much for your help in realizing what I thought was hard and impossible. Now I have more faith in MM, and I am on my way to create a successful business. I tried a few times in the past few years but did not succeed. Now I believe I am ready, and am deciding to create a successful business within this year. Yes, I am willing to ask for it, and willing to accept it.

You are welcome to use my success story in your MasterMinding book (and more success stories in the future :).
Michael Zhao



MasterMinding works!
In my work with over 20,000 people in a short two year period I found some alarming things about how people were setting their goals - and not necessarily experiencing not only the achievement of them, but an improvement in the quality of their lives.

People tend to:

- only set goals that they believe are possible, rather than what they really want,

-'not' think in terms of setting goals that will influence or affect difficult people or situations in their lives,

- fight for limitation, and get it,

- write generalized, discombobulated, boring, and therefore lifeless goals,

- think alone and therefore have repetitive, conditioned fear based thinking of lack and limitation,

- that they have to do it all alone,

- think it's about will power, competition, greed,

- think it's about trying harder at what has already not worked for them. That if they had more will power, enough self-discipline, if they weren't procrastinators, if they were more responsible, etc., etc., etc.

The Fact Is: people need people to make stuff happen!

Walt Disney said, "You can dream, create, design and build the most wonderful place in the World ...but it requires people to make the dream a reality."


Dearest Mary,

I am now meeting my goals one step at a time. It has not been as hard as I thought it would be. It took some courage to trust myself and go for it.

Here's what I've done through utilizing your MasterMinding 101® course and the power of my MasterMind partners....

  • Lost sixteen pounds without dieting, through following the specific goals and requests you created in the course to use in combination with the MasterMinding. Putting things in perspective helped me release the weight without dieting.
  • The MasterMind Principle has also helped me take action regarding my twenty-eight year old step-son in taking charge of his life. He's now out of the house having the adventure of his life!
  • My brother in law, who went back to doing drugs, is now in drug rehab, and he's found his spiritual connection, finally. He's tried to depend on himself, and he now realizes that there is definitely something greater trying to happen.

The peace that came at the moment of my resolve, after the application of the "MasterMind Principle" in combination with the ONE energy strategy, was indescribable, and I found that I had a skip to my step that I haven't had in years. The MasterMinding methods and techniques you recommend using with my MasterMind partners gave me the approval I needed to believe in myself and to set energy in motion. My marriage is also back on track, and Life Is So Good."
Sincerely, Gina

Hello Mary,

When I read the Masterminding 101® course materials I was really moved. I decided then that I would change my mindset about food. Rather than thinking I shouldn't eat this because it's bad for me I changed that thought with--Whatever I eat is healthy for my body, provides proper nourishment and helps me lose weight. That was in February 2006 and I was busting out of a size 12.

In early April I visited North Carolina where I saw friends I hadn't seen in months, maybe even years. They all said, "Wow, Trevy, you look great." I noticed then that my clothing was loose on me and before long the size 10s were loose (and I'm proud to say they still are).

Thank you Mary for changing my life through your Masterminding Program.

Trevy A. McDonald, Ph.D.
Author/Publisher/Transformational Speaker