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MasterMinding 101® Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Online Course?
An Online Course is a course of study that is done entirely on-line on the Internet. This Online Course has 12 work sessions which include exercises, thought-expanding information and Mary's personal stories. It is designed as a twelve-week course, but it can be done at any pace that is comfortable for you, based on your experience and motivation. The course is also designed for use by at least two people, working together.

12 sessions are all 12 sessions available anytime once you sign up?
This is a self-paced course. The entire course is available instantly upon purchase. You can also print the entire course out and use it "off-line." The printer-friendly pages are all in Adobe .pdf format.
You can skip around to the parts you think you want to review first, or take it in sequence, whichever way fits your learning style.

Who are the people you refer to when you say: you and your group?
The course is primarily based on the concept of "whenever two or more are gathered" The formal technology used is called MasterMinding, and this takes place in groups of two or more. The makeup of the group is up to you, but the course teaches you everything you need to know to do this. The selection and invitation of people to join you in MasterMinding is covered extensively in the course. It is an important aspect of the success of your effort.
Many people who have bought the course do not have any MasterMind Partner when they start. They just start! Many people who are studying the program are using their trusted social media contacts daily as a surrogate MasterMind Partners. We have seen groups form among the participants in their social media contacts, some over the phone, some via email, others in person (most distant pair: Singapore) and one group is even using a video chat-room to meet on a regular basis.

It says "stimulate group discussion," who makes up the group?
The group is one that you create yourself. (See answer above.) The course includes specific guidelines for how to listen and relfect back without judgment or giving advice. The purpose for discussion in this MasterMinding model is to assure that each participant is getting to the core of what they really want, opposed to what they (and others) think is possible.

Where do I get the feedback needed in reference to the "Masterminded people" who are these people?
The people with whom you work (see above) in the MasterMinding sessions (see below) become "MasterMinded" as they (and you) study the course and practice the methods. You will experience a shift in the way you percieve your life and circumstances that allows you to react and behave differently, in ways unlike the ways that have not worked for you in the past, and never will work. This is why you are here reading this, because what you have been doing has not been working all that well. A "MasterMinded" person is centered, grounded and peaceful in the face of situations that used to frustrate and anger them, simply because they are practicing the methods taught here.
So, you can see that when this type of person, trained in the MasterMinding techniques taught here, listens to your MasterMind Requests and tells you that they can "see for you" the realization of your desire, it is a very powerful experience for you.

What meetings?
The course gives you specific instructions on how to create and conduct meetings between two or more people, using the MasterMinding method. There are very specific guidelines on how to get the most out of your time and effort. The techniques taught in this course are quite different from most other programs, particularly in that there is no "leader" in these meetings. You are working with peers, and there is no "checking up" on others to see if they did what they said they wanted to do in the previous meeting. For those who are schooled in the authoritarian model of goal setting and achievemnt, this sounds very wishy-washy, but you will see the results for yourself. It works, but you must study the course and adhere to the methods for it to work for you.

Who do you muscle check with?
This technique is covered fully in the course, but briefly: One person is tested by another trusted person. As with the questions about groups above, this other person is one of your choosing, and the course details the considerations you should take into account in selecting someone to do the technique with.
It is not necessary to use this technique to fully benefit from the course. It is described as an illustration of how energy works in our bodies, without any conscious thought, and how this energy affects others. The technique is taught in the course for those who wish to "see for themslves" that it works, so you don't have to take anything "on faith."

What is the "MLM" to which you refer?
MLM means MultiLevel Marketers like Avon, May Kay, Isagenix, Amway which are Network Marketing companies that promote products that people need, want and will use repeatedly.

Is most of the course reading online?
It is available for your access "online," and you can also print out everything. I recommend printing out one session at a time and just working the concepts and the exercises one at a time to expand your thinking and believing thermometer.

Is the course mostly listening online?
The course is available for studying online and you can download all of the Bonus Audio Training MP3s on to your iPod or burn them on a CD to listen to in your car and/or CD player at your convenience.

Can you download these things?
You can not download the entire Online Course. It will remain online and available only to 'your' access as long as you need it!

When you find a partner to MasterMind with or go online to the group (are they the same or are there people in the group ready to help you?), is that done online, by private telephone calls or in person?
All of the above, and all of the different ways you can do MasterMinding are explained in Sessions 1 & 2. This is an independent learning course where you will be learning how to help yourself through the power of Infinite Intelligence and soul communication with a partner in agreement with you. People flow in and out of our MasterMinding Message Board "seeing" your MasterMind requests.

Ideally, you will want to create your own MasterMind group/ partnering that you can either meet weekly in a place where you live, online or by phone anywhere in the world. It's all up to you and how you prefer that it be. Again, this information and more is offered for you in the course.

I'm afraid I won't be able to find a MasterMind partner who will want to meet with me on a regular basis.
You only need to "set your criteria" for the like-minded inpidual you would most like to be your MasterMind Partner(s)... and post it as Your MasterMind Request (in the way that I teach you to do it in the course) at the message board, where a team of your peer MasterMinders check in periodically and will agree and see for you all that you've asked for in the ways that are highest and best!

I don't see how I can possibly find the time to MasterMind on a consistent and/or weekly basis.
Exactly ...and that's why you will want to start MasterMinding for Time to Expand to meet all of your needs, wants and desires. You never "have" to make yourself do things you love ... as you MasterMind using my system, rather than the more authoritarian "in your face" accountability and brainstorming model -- i.e., still doing things the way you have always done them only trying harder at doing what you don't really want to be doing in the first place, expecting God to give you different results, when you are not aligned with what you are even asking for) -- you will FALL IN LOVE with the ENERGY you get from each week's MasterMinding session!

Can I use this course for a Book Club type of MasterMinding get togethers.
Yes. Many, many groups are being formed throughout the country and the world in a Book Club type MasterMind. And as with Book Clubs, it is our intention that every member be expected to purchase their own book - online course, in this case.

We ask that in bringing this information to a group, the time honored tradition is honored, of each member stepping up for their own financial investment into the future they intend to create. It is our belief that "giving away" this information to your group members, which is not yours to give away as it represents our right livelihood, will not help anyone struggling with money and/or other life issues.

How Do I Order It?
Click. Enter VISA/MC info. Click. Enter email address. Click. Read.

OK. There's a little more detail, but it is pretty simple:
The entire ordering and registration process takes just a few minutes. When you click on the [Order Now] link, you will be shown into a secure ordering process. As soon as your credit card is approved for the $79 charge, you will be shown a page with your private "click here" link (and the address spelled out) that will take you to a Registration screen.
You may register immediately using this screen. Also, you will receive an email message, containing the same registration address. You can click on the address in the message or forward the email to another computer for registration.
To register, you simply type in your email address (the same email address you entered during the ordering process,) and the computer you are using is "registered" to access the course. Each course "owner" is allowed to register two separate computers to view the course.
Each time you wish to come back to the course, you simply "log in" using one of the registered computers and your registered email address.