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In MasterMinding Maven® Mary Robinson Reynolds' Signature program, you will learn how to work with others to get to the heart of what you really want, set and achieve goals without brainstorming, accountability or advice-giving!
Compelling mind-body-spirit research concludes music has the power to reduce stress, enhance cognitive functioning, and improve productivity and creativity. Music combined with inspired messages of hope restores faith, renews the mind and opens the way for peaceful solutions.
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BOOST Camp  

Are you WIRED and yet TIRED?

Do you have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning to go to work?

Have good intentions to get stuff done but feel too lethargic or hyper to actually put anything into motion?

Are you beating yourself up, making yourself wrong for not having accomplished more by now?

Is there a PULL at you that won't leave you alone to BE more, DO more and HAVE more?

Do you have angst? Waking up in the middle of the night riddled with worry?

Do you know what your dream for a purpose filled life and career is but have NO IDEA as to how to make it happen...

Are you STUCK believing that following your dreams will require that you "have to" take the proverbial leap off a cliff hoping beyond hope that the NET WILL APPEAR?

Are you DE-Energized by the significant relationships in your life? Do you believe "they" are in the way of following your dream, and living a purpose filled AND prosperous life?

Do you have people in your life who you feel rob you of your JOY?

Are you afraid of FEAST or FAMINE aspects of following your dream and starting your own business?

Have you MasterMinded before and stopped because there was "something you couldn't quite put your finger on" but for some reason it was DE-Energizing to you?

Well it's entirely possible that you are in a place in your life that is known as Divine Discontent...

There is nothing wrong with you at all that learning new ways to approach these purpose driven opportunities won't move you UP and through...

Your IGS - Inner Guidance System - is definitely nudging you to listen but you are afraid to listen for fear of what upheaval it MAY CAUSE to your life if you do listen.

I'm here to tell you, that REORGANIZING your life to higher levels of achievement, performance and fulfillment does NOT have to be a scary crazy roller coaster ride and you do NOT have to RAMP UP and GET HYPED UP or MANIC to move GRACEFULLY into the next chapter that is calling out to you to step forward into.

This is NOT your typical cookie cutter, left brain program.

This is about Your IGS- Inner Guidance System and exactly how to start understanding it and hearing it's directives despite all of your rational mind fearful objections, justifications and limiting noise.

By now you've heard of LOA - Law of Attraction.
Well I'm here to tell you that it's time to take the WOO-WOO out of
Making a Life, Making a Living... while Making a Difference!
There IS an Art, Science and a Practical - Common Sense - Spirituality
to Living a RICH, Purposeful Life
with my MasterMinding Goal Achieving System.

So... Whatever you do DON'T LEAP into the unknown dimensions of the dream that's trying to be dreamed through you ...YET! me on this; the NET WILL NOT APPEAR!

I did not have anyone to guide me through MasterMinding; taking me by the hand and showing me HOW to enjoy a Rich Life as I was living it...

I've already gone through the unnecessary struggles that will get you through the process of a RICH LIFE... and the great news about this is that you do NOT have to.

You will discover how to ask and set goals for easy, discernable lessons with my MasterMinding System.

I am here to shorten your learning curve by years, if not decades with my MasterMinding into a Rich Business & a Rich Life Virtual BOOST Camp!


You see, I'm PASSIONATE about seeing people effectively and prosperously MasterMinding everywhere ... from the boardroom to the bedroom of our lives, there is not one single situation that does not have a Divine Solution!

I've been MasterMinding for over two decades and teaching my MasterMinding system since 1999, and I receive Miracle story after Miracle story ... Click Here to see a small sampling!

And yet, there are those who come so close ... and give up 5 seconds before the miracle.

Do you know about the Power of YOUR Made Up Mind? Well, listen in as I visit with you about just how powerful you really are and the steps it will take to get you what you really want!

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I LOVE this time of year because it's when I get to offer you my MasterMinding into a Rich Business & a Rich Life Virtual BOOST Camp. It's such a great time to RE-BOOST our goals for the year knowing that TOGETHER we will be receiving infinite assistance, possibilities, power and grace.

You see it is such a clear intention of mine to assist people in learning how to get to the "heart" of what they really feel that they want to have and start relaxing into the amazing rich life that we are ALL meant to be experiencing.

And this includes money security, radiant health, time to laugh and play and most importantly; loving, harmonious relationships!

With this Step-by-Step recorded program, I intend to not only make sure this information gets into your hands but that you actually USE it. That's why I designed an entire Virtual BOOST Camp around this experience.

Here's how it's going to work:

The second you invest in my Virtual BOOST Camp, you'll receive access to my full Know What You Want and Get It: MasterMinding 101® Online Course which includes access to our exclusive online MasterMinding Message Board. From there you'll be able to start working my "MasterMinding 101" system as it is laid out for you in a clear, DO THIS, THINK THAT format.

Each week you'll have assignments to complete from the program. You'll need to listen to the audios provided and/or watch the movies and go through the "Thought Expanders" and written "Assignments."

Then, you'll listen in on a group MasterMinding Training & Coaching 90 minute TeleCalls on Saturday mornings where I'll cover content, answer questions, provide BOOST seat coaching and work with you regarding formulating your requests for what you want to achieve in the upcoming two weeks between classes.

The only catch? You really need to do the work to participate in the group calls to get the very, very most out of your financial investment!

You may be thinking? Well, where is the accountability in this?

It's inside of you! It's yours, not mine or anyone else's job to hold you accountable! The EXCITING part of my system is that accountability - procrastination - all the things you've been told that you need others to "come down on you" about ... are a thing of the past when you invest and get started RIGHT AWAY in my Virtual BOOST Camp!

Once you begin MasterMinding utilizing my system, you will simply accomplish things in the zone - in the flow - and you'll be amazed at everything that will be completed through you as if... by magic! It's not magic - it's learning to HEAR your own inner guidance that you will be learning exactly how to do in this Virtual BOOST Camp!

Don't have a MasterMind partner or believe there is anyone you can get?

First, that's what we have the MasterMinding Message board for... after you read through Session 1, you can get out there on our exclusive MasterMind Message Board and post your request. We will also be talking about it in our first call. But if I were you, I wouldn't wait ... make your request NOW!

I will take you through my MasterMinding System
This is a self-paced - program to go at your own rate.

All Modules are 90 minutes average.


- Module 1:
How to get the right MasterMind partners MUST DO: Establishing "your criteria" for attracting in your best MasterMind Partner(s);Taking Your Power Back; Formulating MasterMinding Intentions & Requests for Yourself so you can change how you are managing and monetizing every problematic aspect of your Life. You will have 3 weeks to dive into the course and exercises before we boost up into weekly sessions.

- Module 2:
Where to begin Deliberately Designing Your Rich Life; Diagonally Parked in a Parallel Universe
(getting totally unstuck and quickly expanding forward!)

- Module 3:
The Art, Science and Spirituality of MasterMinding: User Friendly Quantum Mechanics: The Dreams Stuff Is Made Of. The Power of Desire = E-Motion: Energy In Motion! Moving into Inspired Action - practical application - Quantum Performance

- Module 4:
How to Formulating MasterMinding Requests for Others; partners, family members, clients, co-workers ...anybody and everybody!

- Module 5:
Tap INTO the "Seeing" Power; Being a Powerful MasterMind Partner; Mental Acceptance & Receptivity to Knowing What You Want and Getting It!

And the wonderful part of how this course scheduled itself is that we'll be done JUST IN TIME for you to BE READY FOR A WONDERFUL FALL SEASON OF NEW, AMAZING BEGINNINGS.


"There's been this weight lifted off of my shoulders
over the past few days. There's a feeling of inner joy ..."

Phyllis SmithSince you demonstrated MasterMinding with me for the eWomenNetwork Webinar there's been this weight lifted off of my shoulders over the past few days.

There's a feeling of inner joy because I took a step. I received clarity and then I took action on it. I feel the ball is rolling now and I'm becoming aware of other opportunities because I did this work with you - the beauty of your unique System is the clarity of what you are able to see possibilities for. Plus this has re-aligned my husband and I to the core of what originally brought us together and how we make magic together. What I love about your MasterMinding System and makes me excited is that we can make changes in small shifts over a period of time and eventually it becomes change. Your System also empowers each person to be accountable to themselves instead seeking the outside approval of your partner. That it's for ourselves and not anybody else. And this empowers your partner as well.

Phyllis Smith
eWomenNetwork Success Institute

Listen in as Phyllis talks about her experience with
Mary's MasterMinding System

"Mary's MasterMinding System is unique
and has made all the difference in the world."

Michelle FoughtMary's peer-to-peer MasterMind partnering does not encourage advice giving, brainstorming or accountability and I am so glad for her system because if it weren't that way, I would not be making the discoveries that I am about what's trying to happen for me, through me. When you have a program like Mary's and having access to a MasterMinding Request Message Board with people who are like-minded and have been trained in how to hold the space for you ... all I can say is that it is powerful. I can be up in the middle of the night and I can go out to Mary's MasterMinding Request Message Board and post my deepest needs and desires and KNOW that someone, somewhere in the world is going to SEE and believe for me and I feel the value and power of that every single day. It's a tool that makes you use your spiritual muscle and these muscles must be used to grow. All of Mary's MP3 training audios keep me flexing and reaching for a larger vision of myself. Because I've worked with her for a year all I can say is that to have Mary coach you and guide you through this process is priceless. I can always sense the energy and she always "goes there" with you and you feel her energy lifting you up in all of the material.

Michelle Fought,
Certified CWC Facilitator

Listen in as Michelle talks about her experience with
Mary's MasterMinding System

Sample MasterMinding Session with Mary

Andrea Richards ScottAndrea used MasterMinding to get accepted into an EdD program in Organizational Learning which will enable her to do consulting within Corporations and leadership development to help build businesses for women. She is currently a Certified Facilitator for Mary's Connecting with Colors Personality Style Program and intends to create her livelihood from that while getting her Doctorate of Education, EdD. Her challenge right now is getting leads to getting paying gigs to support herself throughout her EdD program in a way that keeps her focused and productive on her studies. She is requesting the path and plan to create $150,000 by years end.

Andrea Richards Scott,
Certified CWC Facilitator

Listen in as Mary does peer-to-peer MasterMinding with Andrea to set energy in motion and to start bringing in the Rich Ideas that will generate the Financial Results she is intending to make for herself.

Sample MasterMinding Session with Mary

Nancy WeilNancy's career journey is about to take a turn and she is really excited about the glimpses she's been getting even though she can't quite grasp it, but it feels close. Nancy came to the MasterMinding Session with Mary wanting to move what's trying to happen through her into more clarity for her new journey and career path. One of Nancy's accomplishments has been to build an association, The Wholistic Alliance of Western NY. It started in Nancy's living room 6 ½ years ago with 6 other people and is now over 550 members without any advertising or promotions. It has evolved into the most supportive group of people for one another and is Nancy feels it is one of the great pleasures in her life to have brought this group of people together. One of Nancy's concerns for this group is their inability to let themselves prosper and to charge for their gifts and talents in ways that honors them.

Nancy Weil,
Certified MMRL Facilitator

Listen in as Mary does peer-to-peer MasterMinding with Nancy without advice giving, brainstorming or accountability demands which helps Nancy formulate her MasterMind Goals and Requests

Going to the Next Level with MasterMinding

John RyanMary,

Thank you for writing your awesome Know What You Want And Get It: MasterMinding 101® Online Course. It has been extremely helpful for application directly into my home-based business. I've been earning a highly substantial monthly income, and am wanting to go to the next level - $50,000 a month - and now, because of your course in MasterMinding, I can see how I'm going to energetically create that quantum leap in my business.

Just two and a half weeks ago I contacted you regarding my business. I bought your course and dove into the work ...and because I hadn't set up my MasterMind group yet, I emailed off my initial requests to you and created a MasterMind session regarding several business issues with you, as my MasterMind coach/partner .

One in particular, that you recommended that I try "just for the fun of it" was attracting people to call me for business. What a new concept! The results have been remarkable! In just two weeks time, I have had three individuals call me out of the blue. Two of them were individuals that I had previously contacted several months prior for business reasons and had simply never gotten back to, and the third was a woman that I had met two years ago!

All three called me and wanted current information about my business. As a result, two have joined me in business and the third will be joining shortly. Thank you Mary for vastly expanding my mental horizons and giving me new dimensions in business strategies. Using your MasterMinding method is truly going to make building my business so much fun ... not to mention rewarding as I get every one of my associates join our MasterMind Group and begin working your MasterMinding program as they enroll.

Your method is so far advanced from the old model of Brainstorming and trying to control and hold people accountable, I can't even begin to tell you how healing what you have to offer in this course has been to my psyche and how I am now focused on being the attractor - not the chaser. How awesome! What a phenomenal mind shift and how profound that I can set goals and make requests for things I have never before even considered - LIKE PEOPLE CALLING ME! And then when you nailed me on my "Criteria"... oh man, do you know what you are doing, lady.

Thanks again... you are the Best!

John R,
JAVITA Coffee Company Independent Member

Audio of the interview with John Ryan

Another MasterMinding Success Story

Cheryl DoranMary coached Cheryl Doran, owner of Looking Good All Over Salon in Moosic, PA, to use MasterMinding to become recognized as one of the Top 200 Fastest Growing Salons in America and to help her associates to double and quadrupal their earnings:

Cheryl Doran,
Owner of Looking Good All Over Salon


From the interview...

... continued


Another Interview with Mary

Hi Mary,

Just wanted to check in with you since I haven't been in touch for a while! I hope everything is going great for you. I still love your newsletter as it seems to address things that I need in my life when I receive it!

Just an update: Since December, I have increased my weekly compensation by 15 times! And, I have had numerous new enrollments that have had their lives changed by the product and then jumped right into the business with me!

I had always had a more local team, but now my team members are in No../So. California, Texas, Florida, So. Carolina, Minnesotta, Idaho, Oregon and even Canada! So, remember when I was searching for a way....well with the help of writing requests and your guidance, I found it!

I have passed along the concepts of forming a MasterMind Group and writing requests to many of my team members and it is so powerful to see what happens.

I also have shared your information with so many others and always give you credit as the person who was brought to me in a critical point in my journey to guide me to my new abundance and prosperity, so I hope many of them have sought you out also!

I can't thank you enough and think of you often and wish I could keep in touch more often but the great thing is that I am filled with a rapidly growing team and residual income to focus on!

Oh...and the requests have helped me so much with keeping balance and harmony with my family as I am tending to a rapidly growing business!

Thanks again Mary and I hope this finds you in great abundance and peace!

Kimber King,
Executive Isagenix - Trainer and Personal Health Coach

From the interview ...

A 2.7 Million$ MasterMinding Success Story

Mary, I am a sixty-one year-old Land Development Specialist. I bought one of your Know What You Want And Get It: MasterMinding 101® Online Courses for myself and one for my closest colleague, and in agreement together we set an intention for him to bring in a designated amount of new business.

We committed to meeting weekly, and we rigorously set intentions and made specific requests and goals that his job be saved at a time when our company felt they needed to cut back - namely him. Within six months, he was closing more than enough properties to keep the company solvent.

In the midst of the economic decline, utilizing MasterMinding on a regular basis, I have literally turned around more than ten impossible people and land purchase situations. I am presently working the biggest land developer in the country who is financially committed to a very large project, and he is totally intrigued by how I am making things happen where there "appeared" to be no hope!

In just under a year of working with you as our Coach my MasterMind partner and I have brought in 2.7 Million in revenue for our company, and we have enough properties in the works to double if not triple this year!

I also wanted to write to you about how I've used MasterMinding in relationship to my challenges with my partner of 30 years...

I have had such a huge fear of her anger that she unleashes on me when she thinks I'm getting screwed at work because she believes I never stand up for myself.

After all of these years, I have quickly learned through using the MasterMind principle in combination with the energy transfer strategy for a healing, soothing balm of love and joy to come over my partner so that she can level out and remain in her most adult self.

Through setting this new intention in motion, my partner has miraculously come up over her spit-fire anger and zero-to-ninety explosions and is now able to sit down and take a hold of herself and use the tools that work for her to get back in her power.

I'd also like to add that I also reduced my weight so far by fourteen pounds, without depravation or dieting!

Judith F.,
Land Development Marketing Executive

Audio of the interview Judith & Al


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MasterMinding into a Rich Business & a Rich Life
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Here's what others are saying about Mary's MasterMinding System:

Margaret says ...

Lisa says ...

Tina says ...

The profoundly effective difference between Mary's approach and many others is that ... in getting down to the allowance of "what is it that I REALLY WANT?" instead of "what should I do?" or "I should be elevating my frequency..." and so forth, she cracks open that heavy weight of change. Because there's a part of us ... we carry this pain with us ... that when we say we want this change, it feels so heavy, like so much effort, and saying that IT IS ALRIGHT to just WANT TO HAVE FUN just CRACKS EVERYTHING WIDE OPEN and energizes the whole process. Lisa


Little did I realize the incredible impact that Mary Robinson Reynolds' MasterMinding and goal setting training would have on my life! Professionally, I needed to address the "reality" that I was in a job that required between 65 and 70 hours a week. I worked Saturdays and well into each evening to keep up with the workload. I was exhausted all the time. My personal history was that I was in a dead-end relationship that was incredibly destructive. I stayed in it because I was comfortable with what I had and didn't want to explore the possibility of being by myself possibly for the rest of my life (or so I thought). In one word, I was "Scared."

On August 26th, during Mary's MasterMinding for Success training, I decided to go for it and put my goals and intentions on paper, step into my power and take deliberate action to make these changes in my life. So, my first goal was to get into a job that I would work no more than 50 hours (or less) each week. My second goal was to move out the relationship I was in. My third goal was to meet an incredible woman so that I could have someone to share my feelings with. The fourth goal was to join a singles group at my church. My fifth goal was to start dating on Day 1 of the New Year. The individuals I wanted to meet were people I could share and communicate my deepest secrets to. I also wanted a male companion who I could trust and love. Another huge parameter was an intellectual equivalent (competent, capable and emotionally available). I set a date that I would join the singles group in October and selected a MasterMind partner to check in with.

Now that I'd made the commitment to myself, I had to act. In regard to my first goal, I put it out there, masterminded with my partner and started the wheels in motion. I sat down with each one of my bosses, told them my expectations for my job and gave them a deadline as to when I would stop all of the overtime. On the miraculous day when the overtime was to stop, additional responsibilities had been added to my plate. My only alternative was to find another job. Within minutes of my decision, an email came to me from a former boss wanting to know if I knew of someone who might be available for a job that was opening in his department. I called him, we set an informational interview. I had 3 points I clearly wanted to negotiate up front, and the essential element was no more than 50 hours per week. My new boss agreed to all issues, and I started to work for him in November. Currently, I am working a 44 hour week and loving the extra time I have to devote to my life!

Next, I immediately ended the relationship I was in so that I could move forward. I joined the singles group at church and found that to be one of the hardest things I had ever done. The first meeting there were only about 10 people, and I felt so uncomfortable. However, I stayed with it and the next meeting there were 30 people. At the 2nd class, this awesome woman sat next to me, and we struck up a conversation. We immediately hit it off, and I came to adore the bright and truly beautiful person she is. We are now very best friends and can share every aspect of our lives.

Wow, goal number 1, 2 and 3 were realized, it was amazing to me. I then signed up for a class at church which was geared on how to meet fun people. At this class, I was forced to step out of my "box" and initiate conversations with men. Totally out of the box for me, because I am quite shy in this type of setting. At the end of each class, I ran out of the room and straight to the protection of my home. This was so difficult for me but I stuck with it! Well, on January 2nd of that year, I got a voice mail at work from a very handsome man I had spoken to for 5 minutes at this class. I only gave him my name and where I worked. He apologized for calling me at work, however, this was the only way he knew to get a hold of me. We went out the next weekend, and I had an incredible time. Next, I had a dear friend introduce me to one of her friends, and we started to date. Then at a potluck I discovered that someone that I had worked with was a member of my church and single and now we are dating. Currently, each weekend is scheduled through June! Each one of these men are available, established, intellectual caring and compassionate.

I could have never imagined back in August where I would be today. Mary said: "Stand in your power and be deliberate in what you intend and ask for, because you WILL experience new results." Well, I am happy to report, I got it, and it's better than I initially imagined..... Mary Ann Grass, Administrative Professional

My very first experiences with MM
Since reading the first two chapters in the course and listening to some of the audio my life seems to just have a life of its own. It is hard to explain all these little miracles happening all the time. There is so much synergy and synchronicity going on all the time and around the clock. I even got out of bed again tonight only to find a new email in my inbox that took me to the next place I needed to be. I am working on my online presence in several ways. The intention is to eventually create income via this presence. Therefore I am doing research and it is amazing how playfully easy all the elements of my endeavor seem to come together. And as my life on the Internet is taking form, my outer life seems to be healing in so many ways as well. Sitting here with a broken arm, that bought me 2 months off work, I proactively reinvent myself from scratch. I intend to have within 2 months everything in place that I need to free myself from my current way of earning a living, so God will...

I might just update here instead of adding a new post...The MasterMind experience is continuing as it began. I found now my first committed mastermind partner, a long term friend and his friend is interested as well to join us. So we got a very intimate setting and the love and creativity is flowing freely. We connect via the Internet as we are too far away from each other to meet in a physical space. With video chat we can see and hear each other and the energy can flow freely between us and more so from us as we become a channel for love and peace. We have not yet committed to a specific topic of our group, the only thing we know is that we want to serve the Higher Purpose that IS. Each in his own way and through his own talents...

Again more new developments. I was contacted by one of the members on Mary's MasterMinding message board to link up...we did and it looks like I have found another mastermind partner...amazing

Ok, now I am in Session 5 with my new MasterMind partner. The relationship has developed from our first day of talking to something really beautiful and inspiring. The points of our meetings are always something I aspire to and it helps me, when I get a bit down, to realign my focus and energies to just think about our connection and what we are doing and aspiring together. It is still early days in my mastermind experience, but I feel every day has become a beautiful day in its own right. I cherish it and am grateful for all the different blessings that come my way, even without having asked for them. As if the universe knew, what I really needed. However I do want to learn to request and live by my intentions, a process that in my case seems not to come naturally and easy. Maybe that is something I could request here and now. So I request that I learn to make requests easily and learn to live by my intentions naturally. So BE it.
- roychr

Success after 2 days of my Master Mind Request
Hello Mary, Craig and other MM'ers,
I give thanks for the Reynold's vision of sharing a way to master mind with other people as well as all those who have either read my request or replied to it.

I made the following request 2 days ago: "I request and accept that I am an amazing client magnet who receive an abundant inflow of competent, prosperous minded people who want what I have to offer creating lucrative business with me as my clients."

I then accepted what I needed to do which was to believe that the MM will guide me. Today I followed my curiosity and stopped into a small business as I conversed with the business owner she literally asked me to help her grow her business. She said if I know what to do to grow her business she is open to listening as well as following through to allow her business to grow. I recognized that my expertise is aligned with what she is looking for. I gave her my contact information and I accepted hers before I left her store.

Therefore.....I request and accept this business owner as one of the right competent, prosperous minded clients I am seeking to not only do business with me but allow me to utilize my knowledge, expertise, and creativity to increase her business with customers, value in the community, and profits for her business, as well as have her accept and agree to paying me the monetary amount I present in the contract between us.

I give thanks for this MM forum. It gave me the support and backing that lead me to this business owner. Blessings, Sandra

So many requests answered in the last 3 months
I have asked for new clothes, better friends, greater connection, money in a timely manner and all of these requests have been met. Though I must say it feels important to state that I did not expect to get some of my requests fulfilled because my sister died and I received some of her things. Perhaps I should be more cautious or specific in expecting to do my requests in a state of harmlessness and to the greater good of all.   Still it does not negate that my requests have been consistently fulfilled when I am open to receiving. - joywin

After One Day of MM 101...

Good Morning Universal MasterMind Partners! It is with profound gratitude that I acknowledge to this group just a few steps which I encountered yesterday after reflecting on the limitless possibilities of all that is coming into my life due to my amazing MM partners! 1) a good morning working/playing with 5 exuberant children. 2) great progress teaching a 'combo' language class to a CC student. 3) Distribution of two more children's workbooks which God wrote through me. 4) I was told about a possible job, near my home, working with middle school children. 5) I submitted my personal statement and resume via e-mail successfully 20 minutes before the stated 'deadline.' 6) I attended a beautiful Taize Prayer service at a local RS church, thereby meeting and supporting three potential prayer partners. sincerely look forward to a MasterMind relationship with one, two, or many partners through this online opportunity. Please contact me so that we may begin our support of one another today! With love and gratitude, Jana

RE: Miracle Request Success
Hello Mary, Craig & MM Partners,
After a pleasant phone call I made prior to posting my request - "I am able to see my son competent, confidant and capable of ....." It pleases me greatly to say, I received an abundance of peace for I was able to see, understand and let him handle his affairs, because I was sending the message "do it my way!" because you need me to tell you how it's done. In actuality, I am the one re learning, how- it's done! I got out of his way, except for sweetly telling him, I love him.

The peace I feel from this "Miracle" with the MM partnership is amazing. I can only imagine how it is for him and my friends. You see, we do bring harmony and good will to others. This is not a selfish partnership, it is the only, human, thing to do. Agreeing or disagreeing is Love.

Oh, the phone call was with a gal that says it like it is and doesn't get shaken by urgency. Respectfully, she told me to "shut-up", enough times I heard it into my bones. I got the lighting in the bottle. Thanks Mary - The MasterMinding Maven!!!!

See you on the Board- excitement, enthusiastic, expectancy! This or something Greater! Thank you all so much from my heart! May Miracles Surround You, CajunGal

Vast improvement in every phase of my life
Hi Everyone, I have been writing in my journal every day for 3 weeks now, what I'm grateful for, my requests and what I would like to have happen that day plus my request on the board and I have to say this blows my mind. There were two particular days that normally would have ended up with lost tempers and everyone being mad, well I wrote down how I wanted those days to turn out and both days turned out better than I could have ever dreamed of. Everyone got along no tempers were lost, I am blown away by this. Thank you everyone for your support. I am so grateful to all of you, Yram

Life is SO Very Good to Me - I Am So Happy
I was not nearly so happy when I started using this class. It is the best thing I have ever done. Thank you so much for teaching this great material so well. I am eternally grateful for the tools I have taken from here.
Joy Winning

Read more Success Stories

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I'd like to give you a reader's digest version of my story ...

In the early 1980's, I had achieved everything I thought I should in order to be living a happy and fulfilling life. I had completed my education with a Master's degree in Educational Psychology, Counseling & Development and ALL my students were phenomenally (and measurably) successful in my classrooms, including those who had been labeled "at-risk" and "lost causes." I was on the top end of an educator's salary and was married and ready to have children. We were your basic couple, doing everything the right way. We had two new cars. A new home. A modest, but sufficient bank account. Great relationships and credibility in the community. And we were both successful athletic coaches. We had all the traditional signs of success, but in the quiet recesses of my mind and heart, I didn't feel fulfilled personally ...and most certainly not financially.

By the mid 1980's, with the precious exception of my second son, I had literally lost everything I had ever invested my heart, money, time and energy into. I had lost my full-term first-born son during labor. Then, a year after our second son was born, I was divorced, a single mom, depleted physically and emotionally, out of money and energy to do much more than take care of my son. In fact, all I wanted at that point was to pull the covers up over my head and take a few years off from life.

Why did this happen?

Life demanded that I be more, not expend more ... and that was a great thing, because I would have never found the fulfillment and financial freedom I now enjoy, had circumstances been any different than they were.

For you see, I had done everything the proverbial "right" way. And in following the no pain, no gain mentality - methodology - I had totally spent myself and all my financial reserves. The result of over efforting my entire life was diminished health. My health resembled my bank account: depleted, overdrawn, zero - nada - zilch! And at one point, I had literally used every penny I had in my house and my son's piggy bank.

This is called a clue.

I literally could not continue to do the things the way I'd always done them and expect different results financially or otherwise. I needed life, and making money, to be easier.

And miraculously, that's when I found out about MasterMinding, and I began redesigning my life - my career, finances, health, relationships. In each MasterMinding session I easily found myself consistently looking in new directions, being propelled energetically to take action rather than procrastinating. I learned to be rigorous in asking and investigating for the easiest, efficient and most pleasurable ways to get things done and have things come to me. To create new levels of income without exerting myself beyond what would be healthy and harmonious to my life and relationships.

Growing more and more innovative and creative with each MasterMinding session, I progressively and systematically carved out a Multiple 6-figure Income and a new fulfilling career for myself as a professional speaker, consultant, author and, at one point, I was even recognized at a national convention as one of the top 50 producers of TPN - a Network Marketing company.

I practiced applying new and exciting strategies to the MasterMind process. My favorite is the "Less Effort More Results" strategy: if it ain't fun or easy, I'm not doing it. In other words, with the seeing power of my MasterMind partners, I became extremely aware of when I was going with the flow - in the zone - and when I was trying to force myself up the river.

I Found Ways, through my MasterMind Group, to Intentionally
Start Setting Energy in Motion and Attracting Lucrative Business
Because Chasing After It Wasn't Working For Me!

MasterMinding sessions were, and still are, a source of great energy and weekly upliftment for me, my husband and our MasterMind Group.

Together, my MasterMind partners and I experienced firsthand, the energizing power of our thoughts, words and intentions and when we combined that with formulating specific and deliberate MasterMinding requests...

Well, stuff starts to happen in our lives in amazing, miraculous ways. Every day life becomes serendipitous!

Understand this: You simply MUST show up for your life.

You MUST build a firm foundation for the Rich Life you intend to create for yourself in order to sustain it once you have it well underway.

My MasterMinding into a Rich Business & a Rich Life Virtual BOOST Camp teaches you how to perform a very practical kind of magic through the power of DECISION.

No matter what your starting point,
a decision to succeed personally and financially
sets energy in motion.
There is nothing so powerful as a made up mind.

This is not about getting rich quick, and yet... it is a fact that if it is your sincere desire to become financially rich, you will achieve it as you are ready and able to MENTALLY ACCEPT it..

The question is not whether you can become a financially independent.

The question is: How will you choose to succeed at making the money you want to make?

With MasterMinding, it is a matter getting this show on the road and making it happen as quickly and as easily as possible.

This is not about inundating your life with massive quantities of work, (unless that's what brings you your bliss.) MasterMinding is about finding the easiest and most simple ways to accomplish the financial goals, relationship alignment, radiant health and freedom you seek.


Comments and Conversations from MasterMinding 101 Successes

Hi Mary,

I studied your course all last summer and put into practice your 7 Step MasterMind Connection and have had great results with it. I am a health coach and found that since I started using your 7 steps, it has increased my ability to intuitively grasp what is most problematic in my clients" lives. I do thank you for it and I give you all the credit for putting it together. I have a website and have joined your affiliate program.

I also have been thinking of starting a "Lean & Light" group coaching program for women who have weight problems, based on your program. Will there be a problem with this? Please let me know.

Hey Juls ... The best recommendation I can give you is for you to become CERTIFIED with my MasterMinding for a 'Rich Life Coach' & Facilitator Training first; check out my MasterMinding for a 'Rich Life Coaching' Certification Program and I will teach you how to build your "Lean & Light" group coaching program for women into multiple streams of income to make significant money AND make an exponential difference!

Greetings Mary and other readers,

I first began the MasterMind 101 exactly one year ago. I was greedy for the process and started three master mind groups last January, each with a different focus. It was interesting to observe how the process works. One group got frustrated with the refining process and fizzled. Another group completed the process twice then decided to end because several members had achieved their goals and the others were well on their way. A third group is still meeting. We have each been masterminding for millions of dollars. We have not yet achieved our goals but we have invested in some companies that have the potential of creating that return very soon. Thank you, Mary, for the course, and thanks to everyone who has supported my goals by "seeing" them fulfilled for me.

Hello Mary and all the MM'ers out there,

I did the course with a business partner last year. We masterminded daily for several months, stopped for a while, and then resumed. We have had success in attracting results for our own personal development and for help in our families' lives. There is still a learning curve for us in terms of being truly in alignment with what we MM for and framing our requests in the most effective way possible. Specifically we are each requesting financial abundance. I am also MMing for the right relationship and have posted to this board for see-backs. Blessings to all who come here,

Hello all MMers,

I am totally new to this forum, but not new to the idea. I don't have a group or partner working with this project, and I am hoping I can find help and support as I work on it here. I have been studying metaphysics and practice Mind healing for a number of years now, so I understand the value of it. I am ready to make the commitment and give and receive great results!
Happy New Year everyone!

Hello everyone,

I am new to this which I have signed up for MM few days ago. My name is Patricia Medina. I am deaf myself and a single mom of two beautiful hearing children. I am teaching at local community college for the deaf. Both of my children and I are living in West Texas. The reason why I wanted to join in MM is because I want to improve the quality of our lives since I just got divorce last summer. I need some kind of encourage and support. Thank you for having me in this MM group.
Patricia Medina

I'm embarrassed to say that I purchased MasterMinding 101 in August 2005. I got so busy with life that I didn't have time or rather make time to do it until now when I saw the opportunity to re-register. So here I am in 2009 and I want to attract all that I really want in life especially in the areas of prosperity and personal/relationship/spiritual growth. I want to MasterMind to be financially free so I can fulfill my highest potential. I feel that area has really been a block for me. I want to MasterMind to have amazing, loving relationships with my husband and children. I want to Mastermind to stay home more with my children and not have to work so much because they have some challenges and I want to help them. I want to Mastermind to grow personally and spiritually. I want to MasterMind to find my soul's purpose in life. I want to MasterMind to find the resources to enlarge the space we live in which is roughly 850 sq. ft. for 5 of us. I want to find the support here and co-create with others the life of our dreams. Thank you Mary, for creating this space to make all things possible.
~ icocreate

Hi Mary & Craig,

I read your mastermind information online several years ago, and have tried to apply them since. Staying focused on masterminding and finding the right partner have been my challenges. Your offer this Dec. 2008 caught my eye, especially because I can mastermind here until I get a partner!

     I'm a single mom and have always been the sole financial support for my son. I have managed to be a Be-At-Home mom for the past 7 years, and did it by trusting my inner self and living quite cheaply, and with a few well-timed financial gifts from friends. However, my daily focus on how tight money was fueled my lack thinking all the time. Gotta turn that around NOW!

     My son's older, and I'm ready to move out more into the world with my work (coaching, speaking, healing and teaching EFT) while still remaining available as a Be-At-Home mom outside of school hours. When I work with people, magic and miracles happen. I now trust that. It's time for me to ALSO allow myself to be financially supported, and abundantly so, through my real work.

     Mary, I've been reading your emails for years. Thank you for your life, your story, your help and encouragement. Thank you!


I'm new to MM but have done personal growth work for a number of years. A friend of mine sent me Mary's newsletters quite a few months ago. Some were read and other's not. When I saw this ad I thought, "Now is the time for this!" I'm most excited about learning the ease of BEING vs. Working Harder to achieve my dreams. My awareness of the power of letting go, releasing control, and observing how the energy will then come TO ME instead of forcing life. (Does that make sense?) Guess I'm ready for the next level: money, profession, creative expression, fitness and health. I look forward to getting to know everyone here!

Hello Mary,

I am so grateful that you prolonged the offer until Jan. 7th. I am reading your newsletter und watching your beautiful movies for several years already but because I am living in Germany and not knowing any persons who also speak and write English, I was doubtful to register. But now I am looking forward to this course and already asked to be in a group with like-minded people. I am an health-coach and work very much with EFT and I really want my business to skyrocket this year and I want to get out of my rabbit-hole and show myself to the world at last. I am really looking forward to get started. My English is a little rusty but I am sure to get better here again.
Love, Romy


I have many interests that led me to this forum. Seek and you shall find... I really am excited to share with others the possibility of thinking positive or better stated to MM with others in process to receive.

     I am single, and my son is living with me. My occupation is 24 hours a day 7 days a week on an on-call basis. I am able to do this work MM101 as I can, you see, the routine of this occupation is such.

     Step by step, baring with me I'll be here, requesting and seeing back. It's coming to be to formulating requests, time, is a circumstance, I accept and request for.

     I'll need you to be my "partners" until I can partner locally with a MM partner. Thank You Greatly! Blessings Abound,

Hello Mary, Hello everyone,

A friend sent me one of your movies some months ago and since then I have been reading the newsletters and passing on other movies to those who I thought would appreciate them, as I do. Your messages seemed to be filled with energy, the kind of energy that has been missing in my life for a long time. I feel pretty worn out at the moment and I therefore decided to start MM now, to make a new start and invest in my personal development. The first few requests brought kind responses that moved me so much. I am not quite sure how to continue from here, I shall have to read more, but I am looking forward to making progress in my life and hopefully helping others too, as we make this journey together. It is something new for me, so I am a bit slow getting started. Anyway, I am really grateful for all of you. Colourdance

Hello, Mary and everyone else:

My name is also Mary. I have been listening to your movies here at work, have joined the MM course but have only read through the first 2 of the 12 modules.

     I've mentioned "quotas" and "helping people" in my posts. I'm a client retention specialist for a major insurance company. Most people, if they hold a contract for several years, stand to lose thousands of dollars of built up benefits if they change to another company. I show them the added value of what they were starting to reject. I LOVE WHAT YOU ARE DOING BECAUSE SO MUCH REJECTION IN THIS WORLD IS BASED ON WRONG THINKING AND WRONGLY CENTERED VALUES. Thank you so much for you and Craig doing what you are doing. Parakeeter

Hello Mary, Craig and fellow MasterMinders,

I am so grateful and joyous to be here! I have been working on me for all of my life, off and on, of course. I have years of background in energy work. It is something about which I am quite passionate. Years ago my husband at the time and I were in a MM group. We studied and worked Think and Grow Rich There were various reasons why it was not as successful as it could have been.

     For the last seven months I have been working with the power of the mind on a much more intense and consistent level. This course came at just the right time. (I laugh as I write that. As if anything that comes is not at "just the right time.")

     I hadn't opened anything other than the necessary work correspondence for quite some time. The one e-mail that I opened on Wednesday was the "Last Day" notice for a special savings on the MasterMind Online Course. With the recent ending of a 2 1/2 year relationship, I felt drawn to it. I came home from work on Thursday and immediately began going through all of the course, downloading and saving links, etc. Friday, I was called into my principal's office to be told that the program I teach was being seriously considered for elimination and consequently at the end of this school year, I would be out of a job.

     Needless to say, I now have a focus that I did not realize when I ordered the course. Initially as I read over the offer, I wondered (and still do) if this was something I could use with my students. I can see so many ways that it could help and support them. With the new semester just around the corner, I am seriously considering finding a way to make it work in this arena. I see, accept and welcome any advice/guidance with regards to that.

     Thank you so very much for this forum, the support, the guidance, the love and the vision that is available for all of us.

Hi, I've been receiving your e-mails for months now and in Dec. you had a special on so I decided it was time to make some changes in my life. I've been doing energy work now for 10 years and I truly love what I do( Reiki Master /Teacher) and in September I got into network marketing which makes me nervous even though I stand behind the product 100%.I'm out of my comfort zone. I am 58,single and sole supporter of myself and going nowhere. I'm tried of struggling. I would like to be successful at what I do. I have started your classes and I am starting to notice changes. Thank you for coming into my life Mary

I am a spiritual artist and energy healer currently employed full time in retail. I have been a student of MasterMinding through other venues for a few years. Each author/presenter has made an impact in my understanding of concepts that lead to a desired outcome. The retention of this information has (up until now) been a bit spotty - benefiting select areas of my life. My desire then became to embrace and retain these concepts on a cell level in order for manifestation to expand and become spontaneous. The offer to purchase your course at a special savings surfaced this week . It was a no brainer. I am confident that my vibrational level of attraction has now been downloaded. I, in addition to everyone who surrounds me including MM partners, will reap tremendous benefits.

     I state on my website "It is my wish that my art inspires the viewer to recognize our connection to a universal divine source of support, love, peace and healing." I now expand my desires to include the receipt of income from expected and unexpected sources. This income will allow me leave my present employment position and pursue and expand my business.
Thank you for your generous offer

Hello Mary and Everyone,

I am a mother of a 5 year old boy and separated from my husband for the past 3 years. I read many books on metaphysics over the past years, but was not aware how to apply it into my life. In December 2008 I met a lady who introduced me to a master mind group and they taught me how to apply all that I learned in the books I read. My life has been so much more fulfilling over these past 7 months. I am learning so much about life every day and they are coming faster and faster.

     I joined this forum because of a newsletter I read of Mary's that was so parallel to mine that I felt it was a direct message that this is my next step. It was the newsletter when she ran out of money and felt her life crashed. I felt the same way. My debts are very high with no money to pay them right now, and I am building my business from ground up. I have to rebuild my life so when the money start flowing to me again I will be more prepared than I was the first time. Every day I focus on my dreams and visions for my son and I. It's a beautiful dream and vision that would serve us and the Universe well. I have a burning desire to make them manifest so I regain my independence and quality of life I choose for us.

     In order to do this I need the power of the master mind to not only combine with me but to get ideas, encouragement, and support. blessings,

I only purchased the course yesterday and I have done the introduction and am moving forward with it. It seems like an answer to my dreams. I have been a little frustrated financially and I know I am going to come through with flying colors but I tend to just work all the time and not take the time to fully live and enjoy life. I want to be able to change this around and let my light shine on this planet. I look forward to connecting with others from this group!
Love and hugs,
Susan Hinds,

Hi! I just read about your course and decided I needed to be with like minded people and create thoughts and vibrations that will lead to financial, spiritual, physical and personal serenity in my life. I am looking to vibrate at a higher level attracting people, places, creativity and prosperity into my space of life so I can live to the fullest. I am faced with financial challenges right now and have an opportunity to evolve this into something greater and give witness to the power of thought and the law of attraction in my life. Will be fun to see what next year at this time looks like! Terry

Hello, Fellow MMrs! This year is going to be a turnaround year for everyone, filled with joy, abundance, synchronicities, and passion.

     I have been an independent, non-denominational minister since 1993 and have worked with people who are healing different areas of their lives. I was electrocuted in 1999, spent several years in bed and then in a wheelchair, and used my own teachings, connections with my mentors, and Divine inspiration to overcome my physical disabilities. I am now pain free, totally mobile, and am working as a spiritual coach again. The process I teach is called The Success Breakthrough, and in sharing this process, I help others overcome their barriers so that they can manifest the lives they've dreamed of.

     Being on disability has been a huge blessing in my life insofar as it has provided a baseline income so that I could work on my personal healing and resurrect my ministry. This year, I want to leave the vibration of disability behind and breakthrough to financial freedom. I see myself as having unlimited choices for my life and my ministry, with the financial resources to implement these decisions easily and effortlessly.

     I raise my glass to you all and celebrate your success breakthrough this year!

Blessings, Melody-Rose

I have studied through chapter 5 of the course & find it powerful. I am looking for a mastermind partner in order to make masterminding a vital part of each week. I am masterminding for financial freedom & to know what my purpose is & how I would like to express that. I am also masterminding for a life of joy & ease.
Blessings, Beverly

My name is Blanch Jamila Edmunds. I recently moved to Jefferson Georgia from Orlando Florida. I had some health challenges, but thank God I am doing much better. MM is not new to me I have been MM for over 30years. I have seen many wonderful things occur in my life as a result of MM with some awesome partners over the years.

My MM request is: To do the work I love ( which is teaching, healing, conducting retreats, life coaching, counseling, and tea leaf readings) love the work I do and to be paid greatly for it on a regular and continuous basis.

I would like for you to see with me that I have 2 local MM partners in Athens Ga, Gainesville Ga or surrounding areas. People who are like minded ready willing and able to do the necessary work and make the commitment to meet on a weekly basis with no excuses. Mary has challenged me to broaden my desires and my expectations. Thank you Mary! I welcome those who are willing to MM with me until my 2 new partners show up. Light & Love.
B.J. Edmunds

Along with several others, it appears, I first purchased this course 2 years ago but did not commit to the process at that time. So, this year, I am newly committed to fully engaging in the MasterMinding process with a like-minded partner or partners. I was involved in a successful MasterMinding group several years ago, and I KNOW it works, so I am eager to begin again.

     My first goal is finding one or more MasterMinding partners with whom I can joyfully, openly and sincerely work for our mutual benefit and support. I have formulated a MM request for the right person(s) and I expect that this will come to me. I have considered several current friends although at this point I have not had the inner guidance to approach them (this is supposed to feel easy and right, right? So, it will come.). I think I would prefer someone I could meet with in person (Triad, North Carolina area), at least periodically, although I am open to an online group. So, I am eager to, and fully expect to, connect with the perfect like-minded partner or partners to begin this exciting and energizing process.

     My vision for each of you reading this is that your MM process be easy, uplifting, and successful. Many thanks to all of you.


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