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Compelling mind-body-spirit research concludes music has the power to reduce stress, enhance cognitive functioning, and improve productivity and creativity. Music combined with inspired messages of hope restores faith, renews the mind and opens the way for peaceful solutions.
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Mary ...You MasterMinding Maven™ You!

I have been on the road but thinking of my recent MasterMinding session.  What a huge, huge difference your MasterMinding 101™ Online Course made for me in my thinking, and I have already created some different results as a consequence of applying the MasterMind Principle.

Then, the other night, as I'm driving into Richmond, a client of mine calls on the phone all caught up in the muck, and I did some of the same stuff with him that your course taught me to do, to the best of my ability.  He's the guy I want as my MM partner, and in fact, I had, just the day before, put out a request for my partner to come forth, and here he is calling.  So, I pull over to the side of the road, and we talk for one hour, and what a breakthrough for him as I asked him to formulate the request of what he wanted for his company.  This is big stuff, Mary.

You have "the gift" and can coach people through what you've written in this course perfectly on how to get started ―and have immediate Quantum leaps! MasterMinding is so awesome.  And there is lots more, but in the interest of time, I wanted to get my initial and most immediate experiences off to you for confirmation of just how mind-expanding your course is for me. Talk soon.  I love you to death and sooo appreciate your vast talents

Sharon Spano
Leading Consultant and Trainer



I had to let you know that participating in your MasterMinding 101™ Online Course is just what I needed in my life at this time.  I have been going to counseling for some time and feel like I'm rebirthing.  I now have the joyful responsibility of creating a new life.

The principles I'm learning along with stating my desires with reinforcement from your course and how that transfers into my MM group is powerful.  I feel like I'm not alone and there is hope for a richer and more fulfilling life.  It's a profound experience to be rebirthing and involved in MM at the same time. MM has helped move things along in my therapy process.

In fact, I think MM is a great adjunct to therapy especially when you're coming to the end of the process.  Therapy is about what's not going right and MM is about success and moving forward.  We go to therapy because we're having problems or feel depressed.

I have done visualization, affirmations and listened to many motivational speakers in the past, but you have put it ALL together and your writing coaches people in exactly how to apply the principles by use of the MM groups.  Your material is practical and reaches anyone that is motivated to improve their lives.

These principles could be taught in schools with teens as the target participants.  I believe our teens wouldn't have the high stress levels and problems they have today with MM principles and support groups.

Sandra Michaels
Organization Consultant


I did Mary's MasterMinding 101™ Online Course. Our group is focused on the artist in each of us.  It is the first technique that I have found that intentionally creates the synergism that I have experienced playing music or working in a studio with other artists.  The energy present is greater than the sum of the participants.  Mary's Online Course is the perfect coaching scenario for our MM group and it revealed a tremendous way to access the power of community in an intentional way.  I recommend it to any group who wants results beyond those they have been able to create before now or simply want to take their goals to the next level!

Thank you Mary
Bill Jezzard
Artist/Designer/Bon Vivant


I want to thank Mary for giving us such a great 12-session MasterMinding 101™ Online Course to kick things off!  I got a lot out of it, and I definitely want to continue MasterMinding.  Thank you Mary for your generous and gracious manner in your writing style.  I subscribed to and read your weekly SuccessBytes motivations now, and I can actually hear your voice!

And to my great and wonderful friends and MasterMind partners... thank you for trusting me, thank you for loving me and listening to me - you are great!  You are all so special and I'm glad to know each of you.  I consider you a powerful resource in my life, and I look forward to our future together.

Donna Magana


A day's work with Mary's course is guaranteed to produce results. She has helped us to focus on the results we wanted to achieve and provided us with the tools to make it happen.  She also showed us how to enroll our staff in the process.  MasterMinding is a fabulous tool to take your business, no matter what its size, to the next level.  We highly recommend Mary and her work!

Cynthia Black, President
Richard Cohn, Publisher
Beyond Words Publishing Inc.



Toe Curling Sex ...and Getting a Life!

Little did I realize the incredible impact that Mary Robinson Reynolds' method of utilizing the MasterMind Principle and relationship goal setting information would have on my life! Professionally, I needed to address the "reality" that I was in a job that required between 65 and 70 hours a week. I worked Saturdays and well into each evening to keep up with the workload. I was exhausted all the time. My personal history was that I was in a dead-end relationship that was incredibly destructive. I stayed in it because I was comfortable with what I had and didn't want to explore the possibility of being by myself possibly for the rest of my life (or so I thought). In one word, I was "Scared."

On August 26th, 1999, during Mary's MasterMinding: LIGHTNING in a Bottle workshop, I decided to go for it and put my goals and intentions on paper, step into my power and take deliberate action to make these changes in my life. So, my first goal was to get into a job that I would work no more than 50 hours (or less) each week. My second goal was to move out the relationship I was in. My third goal was to meet an incredible woman so that I could have someone to share my feelings with. The fourth goal was to join a singles group at my church. My fifth goal was to start dating in 2000.

The individuals I wanted to meet were people I could share and communicate my deepest secrets to. I also wanted a male companion who I could trust and love. Another huge parameter was an intellectual equivalent (competent, capable and emotionally available). I set a date that I would join the singles group in October and selected a advocates to check in with.

Now that I'd made the commitment to myself, I had to act. In regard to my first goal, I put it out there, masterminded with my partner and started the wheels in motion. I sat down with each one of my bosses, told them my expectations for my job and gave them a deadline as to when I would stop all of the overtime.

On the miraculous day when the overtime was to stop, additional responsibilities had been added to my plate. My only alternative was to find another job. Within minutes of my decision, an email came to me from a former boss wanting to know if I knew of someone who might be available for a job that was opening in his department. I called him, we set an informational interview. I had 3 points I clearly wanted to negotiate up front, and the essential element was no more than 50 hours per week. My new boss agreed to all issues, and I started to work for him in November. Currently, I am working a 44 hour week and loving the extra time I have to devote to my life!

Next, I immediately ended the relationship I was in so that I could move forward. I joined the singles group at church and found that to be one of the hardest things I had ever done. The first meeting there were only about 10 people, and I felt so uncomfortable. However, I stayed with it and the next meeting there were 30 people. At the 2nd class, this awesome woman sat next to me, and we struck up a conversation. We immediately hit it off, and I came to adore the bright and truly beautiful person she is. We are now very best friends and can share every aspect of our lives.

Wow, goal number 1, 2 and 3 were realized, it was amazing to me. I then signed up for a class at church which was geared on how to meet fun people. At this class, I was forced to step out of my "box" and initiate conversations with men. Totally out of the box for me, because I am quite shy in this type of setting. At the end of each class, I ran out of the room and straight to the protection of my home. This was so difficult for me but I stuck with it!

Well, on January 2nd, 2000, I got a voice mail at work from a very handsome man I had spoken to for 5 minutes at this class. I only gave him my name and where I worked. He apologized for calling me at work, however, this was the only way he knew to get a hold of me. We went out the next weekend, and I had an incredible time. Next, I had a dear friend introduce me to one of her friends, and we started to date. Then at a potluck I discovered that someone that I had worked with was a member of my church and single and now we are dating. Currently, each weekend is scheduled through June! Each one of these men are available, established, intellectual caring and compassionate.

I could have never imagined back in August where I would be today. Mary said: "Stand in your power and be deliberate in what you intend and ask for in using the Principle, because you WILL experience new results." Well, I am happy to report, I got it, and it's better than I initially imagined..... Mary Ann

____________One Year Later___________

Hey there! Hello...Miss Mary: What a welcomed surprise, I have also thought of you often. I can see that your still really busy, two books, how exciting. I'll definitely have to read both of them. What great titles the both of them are!

I have been so good I can barely stand myself. Yesterday was my birthday and I received emails from all over the country. These were from ladies that I worked with in Southern California in 1972. We are all planning on having a reunion in July when I travel down there. It was a real blessing catching up with all these ladies. Made such a special day, I cannot explain what a blessing it was for me.

My love life couldn't be better (and the sex absolutely curls the toes every time; I hit pay dirt =;).

I am still seeing the cutest man in the world. I cannot believe it that I have been with him a little over a year now. He is a kind, sensitive, sweet caring person, incredible dad and I get all excited just thinking about him. On my relationship goals that I put together 6 months prior to even dating, he had every quality listed.

The only thing he didn't have was going to my church. This is something that he is not interested in and I would never push it. I figure that he is so generous and giving that I can learn from him how to be a kinder/more generous person. Guess you could say I love this guy to pieces - life is good.

The stalker guy that had been hounding me forever stopped in November, so I don't have any worries about him anymore. My son was the butt head of the year in 2000, I hope he is coming out of it now. Still has a lot of growing up to do, but he is much better (not into drinking or drugs - thank God).

I have my sabbatical coming up in July and I'll be off July, August and September, now tell me life doesn't get any better. I'll be spending a lot of time in California and a couple of weeks in Sunriver & Newport.

Love ya sweetie, Mary Ann