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In MasterMinding Maven® Mary Robinson Reynolds' Signature program, you will learn how to work with others to get to the heart of what you really want, set and achieve goals without brainstorming, accountability or advice-giving!
Compelling mind-body-spirit research concludes music has the power to reduce stress, enhance cognitive functioning, and improve productivity and creativity. Music combined with inspired messages of hope restores faith, renews the mind and opens the way for peaceful solutions.
Make A Difference with the Power of Acknowledgment!
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Personality Styles Simplified and SYNERGIZED
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RECEIVE assistance & cooperation from all those necessary
to SEE & BELIEVE with you and FOR YOU!

The #1 Reason People Struggle needlessly is that they try to do it all alone.

It was Walt Disney who once said ...
"You can dream, create, design and build the most beautiful place in the world ...
but it requires people to make the dream a reality.

"... when I look at the dreams that have come true for me, I'm amazed at how many of them have occurred since a critical moment in 1989. You see, that's when I read Napoleon Hill's book, Think and Grow Rich and discovered the amazing power of the MasterMind Principle. This is the most powerful information ever written for how to create massive personal change in every area of one's life."Mary Robinson Reynolds
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Napoleon Hill, on Andrew Carnegie and the basis of his work on MasterMinding

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Discover How You Can Start Attracting Success
- Rather Than Constantly Chasing It!

And you will ...

Have your phone ring more often with competent and prosperous
minded people who want exactly what you have to offer ...

Have better opportunities reveal themselves to you,
things that are geared toward your passion and purpose in life ...

Become a naturally light, lean, healthy being
in the ways that are intuitively best for you ...

Orchestrate people and events in your life that will help you
reach your goals, dreams and vision ...

Have a Rich & Fulfilling Life to the extent of your imagination
... and beyond!


Dear MasterMinder,

I'm Mary Robinson Reynolds and I'm thrilled that you have been doing an inner search to find an easier way to attain physical, emotional and financial surplus and freedom. Because of the pull inside you that won't leave you alone is your inner spirit saying, "There's an easier way... look away from what the World says is possible and go forward to your preferred outcome: begin with the end in mind."

There are only 3 problematic areas we flow in and out of throughout our entire lives:
relationships, money and health.

We were not meant to be the servants of trouble, we were meant to be the Masters of all the good that the Universe has to offer in our time here. To be rich in mind, body and spirit means taking ownership of our God given talents and even more importantly, the dreams being dreamed through us that we are here specifically to achieve.

One way to do this is to get deliberate and intentional about your heart-of-hearts desires. MasterMinding on a weekly basis, keeps you tuned in and turned on to the Rich Ideas that bring Rich Results. MasterMinding keeps you in the zone where all things come through you easily and without excessive effort.

"No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind."
Napoleon Hill, Think & Grow Rich

So, why be mildly prosperous, mildly happy in relationships, mildly healthy when by learning how to be a "one-pointed" MasterMinder you can be completely free from basic survival needs, so that you can have the loving support, health, time and money to develop other phases of your being that can be a credit to your life and to the World?

I've investigated the leading resources on goal setting and creating a rich life for over two decades and I can tell you with great certainty: without a spiritual foundation, they are not complete.

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Two-Minute Explanation of Know What You Want And Get It: MasterMinding 101®

A "$50,000 Day" MasterMinding Success Story

How one woman purchased MasterMinding 101®,
together with a friend, and created a money miracle.

A 2.7 Million$ MasterMinding Success Story

A School Teacher (leaving an abusive situation)
has a Miraculous Interview for New Position.

A Neighborhood MasterMinding Miracle

The Miracle of Sending Love

The Fabulous Four MM Group Successes

Mary's Answers to Robert & Terese's Questions
about Know What You Want And Get It: MasterMinding 101® Online Course

Mary being interviewed for The Dr. Pat Show
on Enlightened Capitalism for public broadcast.
(One-hour program)

Adrianna Larkin Radio Show Interview:
(one-hour program) Read these Success Stories

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Because of the "pull inside of you" that won't leave you alone, you are being led here to learn about my Know What You Want And Get It: MasterMinding 101® Online Course which will teach you how you can change any and all problematic areas you currently face. In learning how to form a MasterMind Group to apply the Physics of Love (the Attractor Factor) in combination with one powerful Spiritual Principle you can transform the imPossible into the Possible.

That's why I created this self-directed experiential learning program as an online course (and make it available to you at such an affordable investment).

Clearly, from the testimonials I've provided for you here on this page, there is no price tag that you can possibly place on my system for MasterMinding. I've been creating Miracles with MasterMinding for nearly 2 decades. We have raised 3 happy successful children, grown a fabulously fun and lucrative business, healed the intense relationship issues experienced by many in today's marriage with my husband and together through our one-pointed concentration and MasterMinding requests, we became financially independent in 2004. During the economic decline of 2008, we enjoyed our best financial year ever, continue to excel in our business, health, personal relationships in the ways that are the highest and best. We enjoy many of life's offerings: each of us have our own motorcycles, we jetski, snowmobile and have recently fallen in love with ball room dancing. Being active, having children living their fullest potential, to us, is the essence of a Rich Life. And the thing that feels abundantly fulfilling to me is turning people on to MasterMinding!

We MasterMind weekly - making our connection to God first before anything else, then asking for what we really want, releasing all that we've asked for (or that's on our 'to-do' list) to "this or something greater" and then going forward and doing exactly what's in front of us to do.

Click here to watch movie.

Because of our commitment to "connecting" first, we have been guided to phenomenal (unexpected) new audiences in places in the country where there was not only a need for specific products that I have to offer, but also where the news reported that there was increasing economic growth and substantial federal funding.

Every step of the way, we've been directed to very specific information on which to financially prosper. And that requires taking Action in the direction we've been guided to go. Every time, it has yielded us results that have answered our business goals and dreams for making a world of difference!

Most of the other masterminding programs you will see for sale are all about accountability and brainstorming ...translation: telling each other what you "should" be doing, how you "should" be doing it ... what's possible, what's not, what's realistic and how you probably haven't worked hard enough yet to "deserve" receiving what you've asked for! All of which totally leaves out the reason why you are MasterMinding: to connect with Infinite Intelligence where the answers you need will be revealed to you about your very specific what and how!

My system is ALL about the asking, receiving and doing only what's in front of you to do by what your inner guidance tells you ...and if your MasterMind partners are too "realistic" for what you are asking, then ask for what you really want in a partner, and the Universe will bring those people to you! You do not have to settle for less than what you really want in relationships, especially when it comes to a MasterMind partner.

Will you need to apply yourself once you've set your goals and made your requests? Well, certainly.

God helps those who help themselves, and one of the ways we help ourselves is to take in new spiritually expanding knowledge every day, shore up our believing and faith through MasterMinding with someone who agrees to see and believe with us, and go forward to take action "as if" it's already so!

MasterMinding is flexing your spiritual muscle, because you are meant to be the Master of all Good! It's exactly like becoming a professional musician... practice, practice, practice.

To Your Richest Life,
MasterMinding Maven® Extraordinaire

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What does it take to learn my system to MasterMinding?

For $297 you can access my system for MasterMinding for you to create vast improvement in every area of your life. Everything I've put together will advance your learning curve Quantumfiably when you invest in MasterMinding 101®: 12 Sessions to a Rich Life Online Course

12 Sessions of Mind Expanding Thinking and Formulating Language:

ck Printable Worksheets, Exercises and "Thought Expanders"

  • Personal Printable Worksheets, Exercises and "Thought Expanders" to DISSOLVE your Barriers and Emotional Blocks around RECEIVING Prosperity in your life. Step-by-Step How-To form a MasterMind Group.

Includes Mary's Full Training Resources - Total Value $390


  • MasterMinding for Success eAudio This is a high-energy, information packed, intensive one-hour LIVE presentation made in front of and interacting with the top management group of a Fortune 500 corporation. It is as relevant to individuals as it is to corporate managers, however, because it covers all aspects of how to use MasterMinding in your personal relationships as well as in business. And, as these managers were told by Mary, the biggest challenge in management is in obtaining excellent personal relationship skills! - $49 Value


  • MasterMinding for Riches in Network Marketing eBooklet Learn that there is a way to run your network marketing business without hotel meetings, without going to your family and friends, and without cold-calling if you are not "guided" to those things. You will learn how to "listen" to what will work best for "you" that will be miraculously productive in accomplishing exponential business! The "reality" of the MLM industry doesn't apply to you unless you apply it. Learn how to tap into your inner guidance and fan the flames of desire in yourself and your group. It provides you with the basic framework of what the MasterMind Principle is about, and emphasizes how to maximize the cooperative relationships within your MLM leadership group by making it a MasterMind Group. - $9 Value


  • Become a TurnAround Specialist ~ No Labels No Limits 2 hour Live Presentation. This presentation covers more than you knew there was to know in regard to the vibrational power of the label. There is nothing like the power of the spoken word to totally affect an outcome. Mary provides a culmination of over thirty-five years of insight, wisdom and the development of a simple, and yet profoundly powerful system that will RE-LABEL all that has gone before. In learning how to become a TurnAround Specialist, the audience will easily transform even the most difficult situations and challenging personality types in an instant. - $99 Value


  • 5 HOURS of LIVE mp3/eAudios TeleCoaching Classes with Mary as Master Trainer and Coach taking her audiences to the next level in manifesting new and thrilling results. - $99 Value
  • MasterMinding 101® One-Hour Tele-Class eAudio - Why MasterMinding is much, much more than an accountability and brainstorming session.
  • MasterMinding AEPs in Business One-Hour Tele-Class eAudio How your Attractor Energy Patterns determine your success in business.
  • MasterMinding TeleCoaching One-Hour Tele-Class eAudio Mary works with several people on their "issues" while teaching her masterMinding System.
  • MasterMinding TeleCoaching Two-Hour Tele-Class eAudio Taking Your Power Back with MasterMinding


  • 4 HOURS of LIVE mp3/eAudios TeleCoaching Classes with Mary as Master Trainer and Coach. Through learning how to do a heartfelt search, you will be lifted into states of awareness and energy which will directly affect your ability to reach your business, personal and financial goals for a rich life, without getting burned out in the process..- $79 Value

ck RESOURCE # 6 - Printable Worksheets, Exercises and "Thought Expanders"

  • Personal Printable Worksheets, Exercises and "Thought Expanders" to DISSOLVE your Barriers and Emotional Blocks around RECEIVING Prosperity in your life. Step-by-Step How-To form a MasterMind Group.- $25 Value

ck TRAINING RESOURCE # 7 - Special Free Report

  • Special Free Report: Attracting Business VS Chasing It! - $29 Value

TAKE Your 12 Hours of "thinking beyond where you've thought before" MasterMinding Training on the MP3s and simply put them on an MP3 Player or BURN THEM ON A CD ...and then bring Mary along with you in your car or on a walk to learn new ways to think about things!

There it is! $390 of extra value when you invest just $297 in a life changing, powerful collection of my greatest works. We can't even measure the intrinsic value because what you purchase is me coaching you, speaking to you as if you and I were sitting together discussing exactly how you can most certainly think differently about what's possible.


Ordering is as easy as 1-2-3

Within minutes, you will receive immediate access to the Know What You Want And Get It: MasterMinding 101® Online Course. It is really that easy.

From this moment forward ... the focus of your intention is: "easy," because if it's not easily accessible and doable ... don't do anything. Begin right here, right now: listen to your inner most guidance. For this is where Rich Ideas are born through you.

Order immediately, or keep reading about the enormous benefits you are going to reap from learning my system for MasterMinding.

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Rather than rushing about and trying to force or reason things through, you will learn how to use the power of your vision, in combination with the agreement and SEEing power of another, to bring RICH IDEAS that yield RICH RESULTS to be orchestrated for you, quickly and easily.

If you have been one of those well-meaning people who have mentally accepted the old authoritarian model of hard work - MASSIVE ACTION - thinking that to be your salvation from lack - or if you have erroneously believed that hard work alone would bring you riches - you are in for a pleasant surprise!

Wealth - especially vast wealth - rarely comes as a result of backbreaking work.

Fortunes are the result of Rich Ideas.

The idea that can help you experience increased wealth is the idea of "substance."

Going Beyond E= mc2

In spiritual terms, the bible is a study in "substance." and how to mold it into tangible abundance.

Quantum Physics explains exactly how you intend manifestation and how you are either attracting it or repelling it based upon your current level of thinking - beliefs - about just how hard creating financial freedom has to be!

Your thoughts are composed of "Energy" which do, in fact, affect substance, right here, right now.

The MasterMind principle states that: "No two minds ever come together without, thereby, creating a third invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third mind."

The human mind is a form of energy, a part of it being spiritual in nature. When the minds of two people are coordinated in a spirit of harmony and agreement, the spiritual units of energy of each mind form an affinity, which constitutes setting energy in motion toward a desired result.

So, if you're tired of forcing things, handing out boxes of business cards, constantly shaking hands with strangers, making uncomfortable cold calls and attending every networking function within a five-hundred mile radius ...

Then you're going to love what I reveal to you in my Know What You Want And Get It: MasterMinding 101® Online Course.

As you utilize my MasterMinding system, you will experience the new energy - the new approaches - currently trying to make their way through to you.

You will learn how to let new gutsy rich ideas, about what you really want, to come through your consciousness, and then you will deliberately and intentionally initiate requests that set energy in motion so that you become the attractor - rather than the chaser of the wealth you seek.

MasterMinding is about setting energy in motion by ASKING for what you really want.

MasterMinding is completely and totally about what happens when two or more minds come together in the spirit of harmony for the achievement of a specific objective - it is in this energy-time-space-reality of agreement that Infinite Intelligence is available to give you what you are asking for!

Ask for the easiest, quickest way to become a Millionaire this year!
Ask for competent and prosperous minded people to do business with.

You can stop chasing money, love, health, and prosperity in any and all areas of your life, and start allowing it to come to you, through you because of weekly MasterMinding sessions.

You will learn how, with your MasterMind Group partners, to start getting deliberate and intentional about the goals you each are deciding for and asking for your partners' support in seeing them come to you.

Cut Your Success Timeline In Half!

Purchase Now to access Mary's 12-Session MasterMinding System!

Introduction & Course Instructions: How to Attract Your MasterMinding Partners

Session 1:   Guidelines to MasterMinding: Business, Corporate, Network Marketing

Session 2:   The MasterMind 'Connection' - Ask and You will Receive!

Session 3:   Taking Your Power Back - Listening to Your Own Inner G.

Session 4:   Formulating MasterMinding Intentions & Requests for Yourself

Session 5:   Deliberately Designing Your Life: Don't Over Effort,Get Intentional

Session 6:   Diagonally Parked in a Parallel Universe

Session 7:   Quantum Mechanics: The Dreams Stuff Is Made Of

Session 8:   The Power of Desire = E-Motion: Energy In Motion

Session 9:   Formulating MasterMinding Requests for Others

Session 10:   "Seeing" Power: Participating Positively with Probability Fields

Session 11:   Being a Powerful MasterMind Partner comes Back to you Multiplied!

Session 12:   Mental Acceptance & Receptivity: The Power of Thanks!

My 12 Session system is designed to teach you how to think past what you have determined is possible or "realistic" there is nothing more powerful than knowledge to create a peaceful, rich life. I look forward to "see-ing" for you - with you - at my online MasterMinding message board with other like-minded partners throughout the world.

YES! I INTEND to Make THIS My Most Peaceful and Richest Year Ever

Why would anyone need to do all these sessions?
Why not just pick up the "7 Steps" and start MasterMinding?

Mary couldn't have said it better herself! Listen to author and trainer Nancy Weil explain why she believes in this program:

 Audio of the interview with Nancy Weil


Now there's a time-tested, proven way for you to stop grasping for success and start setting energy in motion to attract it to you.

MasterMinding is a spiritual - not a religious - endeavor.

This Spiritual Principle is based on an ancient premise that the combined energies of two or more like-minded persons is many, many times greater than the sum of the individual energies involved. This is the force at work in synergism.

If you've chased financial success for many years, couldn't find it, never found it, or found it and lost it ... then you simply MUST set out today to form a powerful MasterMind group - and the Know What You Want And Get It: MasterMinding 101® Online Course will show you exactly how to make that happen!

You'll love the levels of mastery I have to share with you about what MasterMinding can truly do for you that goes above - and light years beyond - mere goal setting, brainstorming and accountability!

No more chasing after money. No more thinking alone. No more doing it all alone.

No more exhausting work that yields miniscule financial results.

No more being stressed out from being: the hard ass, the bitch, the jerk, the boss, the know-it-all or the police (controller) of the entire universe.

No more settling for less than what you really want.

Mary's teleconference presentation (45 minutes)



"There's been this weight lifted off of my shoulders
over the past few days. There's a feeling of inner joy ..."

Since you demonstrated MasterMinding with me for the eWomenNetwork Webinar there's been this weight lifted off of my shoulders over the past few days.

There's a feeling of inner joy because I took a step. I received clarity and then I took action on it. I feel the ball is rolling now and I'm becoming aware of other opportunities because I did this work with you - the beauty of your unique System is the clarity of what you are able to see possibilities for. Plus this has re-aligned my husband and I to the core of what originally brought us together and how we make magic together. What I love about your MasterMinding System and makes me excited is that we can make changes in small shifts over a period of time and eventually it becomes change. Your System also empowers each person to be accountable to themselves instead seeking the outside approval of your partner. That it's for ourselves and not anybody else. And this empowers your partner as well.

Phyllis Smith
eWomenNetwork Success Institute

Listen in as Phyllis talks about her experience with
Mary's MasterMinding System

"Mary's MasterMinding System is unique
and has made all the difference in the world."

Mary's peer-to-peer MasterMind partnering does not encourage advice giving, brainstorming or accountability and I am so glad for her system because if it weren't that way, I would not be making the discoveries that I am about what's trying to happen for me, through me. When you have a program like Mary's and having access to a MasterMinding Request Message Board with people who are like-minded and have been trained in how to hold the space for you ... all I can say is that it is powerful. I can be up in the middle of the night and I can go out to Mary's MasterMinding Request Message Board and post my deepest needs and desires and KNOW that someone, somewhere in the world is going to SEE and believe for me and I feel the value and power of that every single day. It's a tool that makes you use your spiritual muscle and these muscles must be used to grow. All of Mary's MP3 training audios keep me flexing and reaching for a larger vision of myself. Because I've worked with her for a year all I can say is that to have Mary coach you and guide you through this process is priceless. I can always sense the energy and she always "goes there" with you and you feel her energy lifting you up in all of the material.

Michelle Fought,
Certified Connecting With Colors Facilitator

Listen in as Michelle talks about her experience with
Mary's MasterMinding System

Sample MasterMinding Session with Mary

Andrea used MasterMinding to get accepted into an EdD program in Organizational Learning which will enable her to do consulting within Corporations and leadership development to help build businesses for women. She is currently a Certified Facilitator for Mary's Connecting with Colors Personality Style Program and intends to create her livelihood from that while getting her Doctorate of Education, EdD. Her challenge right now is getting leads to getting paying gigs to support herself throughout her EdD program in a way that keeps her focused and productive on her studies. She is requesting the path and plan to create $150,000 by years end.

Andrea Richards Scott,
Certified Connecting With Colors Facilitator

Listen in as Mary does peer-to-peer MasterMinding with Andrea to set energy in motion and to start bringing in the Rich Ideas that will generate the Financial Results she is intending to make for herself.

Sample MasterMinding Session with Mary

Nancy's career journey is about to take a turn and she is really excited about the glimpses she's been getting even though she can't quite grasp it, but it feels close. Nancy came to the MasterMinding Session with Mary wanting to move what's trying to happen through her into more clarity for her new journey and career path. One of Nancy's accomplishments has been to build an association, The Wholistic Alliance of Western NY. It started in Nancy's living room 6 ½ years ago with 6 other people and is now over 550 members without any advertising or promotions. It has evolved into the most supportive group of people for one another and is Nancy feels it is one of the great pleasures in her life to have brought this group of people together. One of Nancy's concerns for this group is their inability to let themselves prosper and to charge for their gifts and talents in ways that honors them.

Nancy Weil,
Certified MMRL Facilitator

Listen in as Mary does peer-to-peer MasterMinding with Nancy without advice giving, brainstorming or accountability demands which helps Nancy formulate her MasterMind Goals and Requests

Going to the Next Level with MasterMinding

John RyanMary,

Thank you for writing your awesome Know What You Want And Get It: MasterMinding 101® Online Course. It has been extremely helpful for application directly into my home-based business. I've been earning a highly substantial monthly income, and am wanting to go to the next level - $50,000 a month - and now, because of your course in MasterMinding, I can see how I'm going to energetically create that quantum leap in my business.

Just two and a half weeks ago I contacted you regarding my business. I bought your course and dove into the work ...and because I hadn't set up my MasterMind group yet, I emailed off my initial requests to you and created a MasterMind session regarding several business issues with you, as my MasterMind coach/partner .

One in particular, that you recommended that I try "just for the fun of it" was attracting people to call me for business. What a new concept! The results have been remarkable! In just two weeks time, I have had three individuals call me out of the blue. Two of them were individuals that I had previously contacted several months prior for business reasons and had simply never gotten back to, and the third was a woman that I had met two years ago!

All three called me and wanted current information about my business. As a result, two have joined me in business and the third will be joining shortly. Thank you Mary for vastly expanding my mental horizons and giving me new dimensions in business strategies. Using your MasterMinding method is truly going to make building my business so much fun ... not to mention rewarding as I get every one of my associates join our MasterMind Group and begin working your MasterMinding program as they enroll.

Your method is so far advanced from the old model of Brainstorming and trying to control and hold people accountable, I can't even begin to tell you how healing what you have to offer in this course has been to my psyche and how I am now focused on being the attractor - not the chaser. How awesome! What a phenomenal mind shift and how profound that I can set goals and make requests for things I have never before even considered - LIKE PEOPLE CALLING ME! And then when you nailed me on my "Criteria"... oh man, do you know what you are doing, lady.

Thanks again... you are the Best!

John R,
JAVITA Coffee Company Independent Member

Audio of the interview with John Ryan

Another MasterMinding Success Story

Cheryl DoranMary coached Cheryl Doran, owner of Looking Good All Over Salon in Moosic, PA, to use MasterMinding to become recognized as one of the Top 200 Fastest Growing Salons in America and to help her associates to double and quadrupal their earnings:

Cheryl Doran,
Owner of Looking Good All Over Salon


From the interview...

... continued




Everything That You've Really Wanted All Along
Will Finally Start Being Your Experience

With a powerful MasterMind Group, opportunities will start presenting themselves to you. People who can help you on your journey to making more money will start entering your life.

Creative ideas and hunches for money making ideas will suddenly pop into your mind. Things will start orchestrating themselves and revealing themselves to you. You'll find that things will come to you that hadn't before or that things come so much easier.


The Genius of MasterMinding With the Mary Method
In a recent MasterMind group led by Mary I was able to sell my business within 45 days of when we began. Previously I had advertised it for 18 months and was unable to attract a solid buyer.

One of the MasterMinders in the group (Craig - Mary's husband) asked if I would be "open" to attracting a cash buyer. I laughed out loud with the better part of my mind leaning toward "realistic skepticism." However, I decided to be as open as I could which is the essence of Mary's technique.

Within in 5 days of that session, I had an offer from a "cash" buyer. The deal closed yesterday and I am still shaking my head about the power of Mary's MasterMind process she describes in wonderful detail in her Know What You Want And Get It: MasterMinding 101® Online Course. This is truly one of the most result-producing techniques for creation I have ever personally experienced.

Thank you! Thank you!
You changed the entire course of my life.
Dr. T Chiropractor, St. Louis, MO


From the interview with Jane Guriel - Oasis Wellness Network


From the interview with Richard Ross - Wild Oasis Group, Oasis International


From the interview with Torey De Falco - Wild Oasis Group, Oasis International


Torey De Falco, continued...


From the interview with Susan Nisinzweig, Presidential 2004 - Mannatech


Following the specific guidelines I give you in Know What You Want And Get It: MasterMinding 101® Online Course - within your very first MasterMind session, you will begin to physiologically experience what it means to literally set energy in motion.

You'll find yourself in the energetic flow of the zone, that magical place where everything seems to work in your favor - without any effort on your part. Each day will bring pleasant surprises as new RICH IDEAS come through you.

By working my comprehensive 12 session Online Course, you will learn not only how to do a weekly search for the riches you seek, but also how to bring your greatest desires into reality through applying the power of the MasterMind Principle in its highest form.

In a minute, I'll tell you how this is possible. But first, I'd like to give you a reader's digest version of my story ...

In the early 1980's, I had achieved everything I thought I should in order to be living a happy and fulfilling life. I had completed my education with a Master's degree in Educational Psychology, Counseling & Development and ALL my students were phenomenally (and measurably) successful in my classrooms, including those who had been labeled "at-risk" and "lost causes." I was on the top end of an educator's salary and was married and ready to have children. We were your basic couple, doing everything the right way. We had two new cars. A new home. A modest, but sufficient bank account. Great relationships and credibility in the community. And we were both successful athletic coaches. We had all the traditional signs of success, but in the quiet recesses of my mind and heart, I didn't feel fulfilled personally ...and most certainly not financially.

By the mid 1980's, with the precious exception of my second son, I had literally lost everything I had ever invested my heart, money, time and energy into. I had lost my full-term first-born son during labor. Then, a year after our second son was born, I was divorced, a single mom, depleted physically and emotionally, out of money and energy to do much more than take care of my son. In fact, all I wanted at that point was to pull the covers up over my head and take a few years off from life.

Why did this happen?

Life demanded that I be more, not expend more ... and that was a great thing, because I would have never found the fulfillment and financial freedom I now enjoy, had circumstances been any different than they were.

For you see, I had done everything the proverbial "right" way. And in following the no pain, no gain mentality - methodology - I had totally spent myself and all my financial reserves. The result of over efforting my entire life was diminished health. My health resembled my bank account: depleted, overdrawn, zero - nada - zilch! And at one point, I had literally used every penny I had in my house and my son's piggy bank.

This is called a clue.

I literally could not continue to do the things the way I'd always done them and expect different results financially or otherwise. I needed life, and making money, to be easier.

And miraculously, that's when I found out about MasterMinding, and I began redesigning my life - my career, finances, health, relationships. In each MasterMinding session I easily found myself consistently looking in new directions, being propelled energetically to take action rather than procrastinating. I learned to be rigorous in asking and investigating for the easiest, efficient and most pleasurable ways to get things done and have things come to me. To create new levels of income without exerting myself beyond what would be healthy and harmonious to my life and relationships.

Growing more and more innovative and creative with each MasterMinding session, I progressively and systematically carved out a Multiple 6-figure Income and a new fulfilling career for myself as a professional speaker, consultant, author and, at one point, I was even recognized at a national convention as one of the top 50 producers of TPN - a Network Marketing company.

I practiced applying new and exciting strategies to the MasterMind process. My favorite is the "Less Effort More Results" strategy: if it ain't fun or easy, I'm not doing it. In other words, with the seeing power of my MasterMind partners, I became extremely aware of when I was going with the flow - in the zone - and when I was trying to force myself up the river.

I Found Ways, through my MasterMind Group, to Intentionally
Start Setting Energy in Motion and Attracting Lucrative Business
Because Chasing After It Wasn't Working For Me!

MasterMinding sessions were, and still are, a source of great energy and weekly energetic upliftment for me, my husband and our MasterMind Group.

Together, my MasterMind partners and I experienced firsthand, the energizing power of our thoughts, words and intentions and when we combined that with formulating specific and deliberate MasterMinding requests...

Well, stuff starts to happen in our lives in amazing, miraculous ways. Every day life becomes serendipitous!

Understand this: You simply MUST show up for your life.

You MUST build a firm foundation for the Rich Life you intend to create for yourself in order to sustain it once you have it well underway.

Know What You Want And Get It: MasterMinding 101® Online Course teaches you how to perform a very practical kind of magic through the power of DECISION.

No matter what your starting point,
a decision to succeed personally and financially
sets energy in motion.
There is nothing so powerful as a made up mind.

This is not about getting rich quick, and yet... it is a fact that if it is your sincere desire to become financially rich, you will achieve it as you are ready and able to MENTALLY ACCEPT it..

The question is not whether you can become a financially independent.

The question is: How will you choose to succeed at making the money you want to make?

With MasterMinding, it is a matter getting this show on the road and making it happen as quickly and as easily as possible.

This is not about inundating your life with massive quantities of work, (unless that's what brings you your bliss.) MasterMinding is about finding the easiest and most simple ways to accomplish the financial goals, relationship alignment, radiant health and freedom you seek.



A 2.7 Million$ MasterMinding Success Story

Mary, I am a sixty-one year-old Land Development Specialist. I bought one of your Know What You Want And Get It: MasterMinding 101® Online Courses for myself and one for my closest colleague, and in agreement together we set an intention for him to bring in a designated amount of new business.

We committed to meeting weekly, and we rigorously set intentions and made specific requests and goals that his job be saved at a time when our company felt they needed to cut back - namely him. Within six months, he was closing more than enough properties to keep the company solvent.

In the midst of the economic decline, utilizing MasterMinding on a regular basis, I have literally turned around more than ten impossible people and land purchase situations. I am presently working the biggest land developer in the country who is financially committed to a very large project, and he is totally intrigued by how I am making things happen where there "appeared" to be no hope!

In just under a year of working with you as our Coach my MasterMind partner and I have brought in 2.7 Million in revenue for our company, and we have enough properties in the works to double if not triple this year!

I also wanted to write to you about how I've used MasterMinding in relationship to my challenges with my partner of 30 years...

I have had such a huge fear of her anger that she unleashes on me when she thinks I'm getting screwed at work because she believes I never stand up for myself.

After all of these years, I have quickly learned through using the MasterMind principle in combination with the energy transfer strategy for a healing, soothing balm of love and joy to come over my partner so that she can level out and remain in her most adult self.

Through setting this new intention in motion, my partner has miraculously come up over her spit-fire anger and zero-to-ninety explosions and is now able to sit down and take a hold of herself and use the tools that work for her to get back in her power.

I'd also like to add that I also reduced my weight so far by fourteen pounds, without depravation or dieting!

Judith F.

Audio of the interview Judith & Al

Read more Success Stories


The answers to the questions you seek, regarding having the time to create financial wealth, freedom, independence lie in this one powerful question:

Question: What does a person who makes $10,000 a year and a person who makes $100,000 a year and a person who makes $1,000,000 a year have in common?

Answer: They all have 24 hours a day.

... how they utilize their creative minds, time, and especially their energy, is what makes the difference in their income ... and their ability to attract it.

In MasterMinding, the goal is not to try harder at what is already not working for you, or to make yourself be accountable to other's for what you say you want or what you say you will or won't do each week.

Understand this: setting specific goals, connecting with your inner most desires on a weekly basis, is a most highly creative and unfolding process.

The emphasis of my Know What You Want And Get It: MasterMinding 101® Online Course is completely and totally upon creating, through the joining of minds in agreement, the easiest and most pleasurable way to accomplish extraordinary results while maintaining a relatively peaceful pace.

We are confined only to the limits of our mental acceptance.

So You See ...
There IS an Easier Way to Get Success
Without Pushing or Forcing Things

AND because of the seeing power of your MasterMind partners, those ways will come through you as creative, do-able, easy to implement ideas; unexpected meetings with key people; and material assistance.

In kicking off my Speaking Business and a Network Marketing business - both at the same time - I found immediately that I didn't like the networking, shaking hands with strangers, giving out business cards and making "please, oh please, oh please buy my product - or - hire me to speak" phone calls.

Yet, I wanted the phone to ring. And I wanted it to ring "a lot." So I began thinking and bringing the question into my MasterMinding sessions, "What is the quickest, fastest and easiest way for me to make a large, stable, dependable, 6-figure income doing what I love?"

How could I get that phone to ring? How could I attract business to me, rather than me always chasing after it the exhaustive, overwhelming and energy depleting ways that I had learned from the successful gurus to do?

Apply the MasterMind Principle!

According to the research conducted by Napoleon Hill for his book, Think & Grow Rich, of the wealthiest men of this century. Through his findings he reports that no individual may have great power without availing himself of the "MasterMind" he says MasterMinding is in play:

When two or more people coordinate in a spirit of harmony
and work toward a definite objective or purpose,
they place themselves in position, through the alliance, to absorb power
directly from the great storehouse of Infinite Intelligence.

Hill goes on to say that as you define your monetary goals and carry them out with persistence and intelligence, and use discrimination in the selection of your MasterMind group, your objective will have been halfway reached even before you begin to recognize it.

Almost all of the great accomplishments and miraculous achievements of history were brought about through the power of this principle.

Orville and Wilbur Wright did what was said to be impossible by building and flying the first airplane.

Andrew Carnegie aggregated a team around him and built the World's biggest steel manufacturing company. Carnegie went on to become the first great philanthropist - funding over three thousand public libraries throughout the World.

Likewise, Bill Gates and Paul Allen started Microsoft and became two of the richest men of all time and are now becoming the two of the World's greatest living philanthropists.

Thomas Edison, World's greatest inventor, had many mastermind partners. Edison's most famous MasterMind partner was Henry Ford.

When Mr. Edison's New Jersey laboratory burnt to the ground, Mr. Ford arrived the next morning and handed Edison a check for $750,000 and encouraged him to "Start building again." Ford would not accept interest on his loan; he just wanted his best friend to get back to work.

Great success is only achieved as the result of great teamwork. Team is an acronym that means Together Everyone Achieves More. Can you think of other great teams?

  • Walt Disney and his brother Roy
  • Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson
  • Steven Spielberg and George Lucas
  • Rita and Tom Hanks with Nia Vardalos' "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"


Mary ...You MasterMinding Maven® You!

I have been on the road but thinking of my recent MasterMinding session.  What a huge, huge difference your Know What You Want - and Get It: MasterMinding 101® Online Course made for me in my thinking, and I have already created some different results as a consequence of applying the MasterMind Principle.

Then, the other night, as I'm driving into Richmond, a client of mine calls on the phone all caught up in the muck, and I did some of the same stuff with him that your course taught me to do, to the best of my ability.  He's the guy I want as my MM partner, and in fact, I had, just the day before, put out a request for my partner to come forth, and here he is calling.  So, I pull over to the side of the road, and we talk for one hour, and what a breakthrough for him as I asked him to formulate the request of what he wanted for his company.  This is big stuff, Mary.

You have "the gift" and can coach people through what you've written in this course perfectly on how to get started ―and have immediate Quantum leaps! MasterMinding is so awesome.  And there is lots more, but in the interest of time, I wanted to get my initial and most immediate experiences off to you for confirmation of just how mind-expanding your course is for me. Talk soon.  I love you to death and sooo appreciate your vast talents

Sharon Spano
Leading Consultant and Trainer



I had to let you know that participating in your Know What You Want - and Get It: MasterMinding 101® Online Course is just what I needed in my life at this time.  I have been going to counseling for some time and feel like I'm rebirthing.  I now have the joyful responsibility of creating a new life.

The principles I'm learning along with stating my desires with reinforcement from your course and how that transfers into my MM group is powerful.  I feel like I'm not alone and there is hope for a richer and more fulfilling life.  It's a profound experience to be rebirthing and involved in MM at the same time. MM has helped move things along in my therapy process.

In fact, I think MM is a great adjunct to therapy especially when you're coming to the end of the process.  Therapy is about what's not going right and MM is about success and moving forward.  We go to therapy because we're having problems or feel depressed.

I have done visualization, affirmations and listened to many motivational speakers in the past, but you have put it ALL together and your writing coaches people in exactly how to apply the principles by use of the MM groups.  Your material is practical and reaches anyone that is motivated to improve their lives.

These principles could be taught in schools with teens as the target participants.  I believe our teens wouldn't have the high stress levels and problems they have today with MM principles and support groups.

Sandra Michaels
Organization Consultant


I did Mary's Know What You Want - and Get It: MasterMinding 101® Online Course. Our group is focused on the artist in each of us.  It is the first technique that I have found that intentionally creates the synergism that I have experienced playing music or working in a studio with other artists.  The energy present is greater than the sum of the participants.  Mary's Online Course is the perfect coaching scenario for our MM group and it revealed a tremendous way to access the power of community in an intentional way.  I recommend it to any group who wants results beyond those they have been able to create before now or simply want to take their goals to the next level!

Thank you Mary
Bill Jezzard
Artist/Designer/Bon Vivant


I want to thank Mary for giving us such a great 12-session Know What You Want - and Get It: MasterMinding 101® Online Course to kick things off!  I got a lot out of it, and I definitely want to continue MasterMinding.  Thank you Mary for your generous and gracious manner in your writing style.  I subscribed to and read your weekly SuccessBytes motivations now, and I can actually hear your voice!

And to my great and wonderful friends and MasterMind partners... thank you for trusting me, thank you for loving me and listening to me - you are great!  You are all so special and I'm glad to know each of you.  I consider you a powerful resource in my life, and I look forward to our future together.

Donna Magana


A day's work with Mary's Know What You Want - and Get It: MasterMinding course is guaranteed to produce results. She has helped us to focus on the results we wanted to achieve and provided us with the tools to make it happen.  She also showed us how to enroll our staff in the process.  MasterMinding is a fabulous tool to take your business, no matter what its size, to the next level.  We highly recommend Mary and her work!

Cynthia Black, President
Richard Cohn, Publisher
Beyond Words Publishing Inc.


Are you Evolving or Revolving?

It is at that point where you either choose to remain complacent and continue to do what's not working, or you increase your desire and punch up your energy and decide for the thing that takes the courage - and take a leap of faith.

Quantum leaps occur when you have positively
and adequately fulfilled the potential within the limit.

I'll never forget the times I've experienced full out Quantum Leaps... each and every time was when I simply could not tolerate conditions as they were, one minute longer. And in my mind, and in the minds of my MasterMind partners, I began to ask and mentally accept that they see for me total and complete changes in my financial capabilities: right here and right now.

The thrust of my emotion and power of simply initiating my MasterMind request to partners who were in agreement to see with me and for me - moved mountains regarding my financial bottom line again and again and again on my path to new receptivity where money was concerned. I would take leaps in revenue that were unprecedented in my previous income producing experiences.

My results?

What came out of the MasterMind process for me was a decision. The decision to decide for the thing that I really wanted: I wanted and made specific MasterMind requests for new creative ideas and language to come through me. I was willing to have the courage to make this request weekly as it unfolded.

With my partners' support, I reached for what I really wanted, not what I was told to do or what I was told was possible. I consistently and decidedly found the possible in impossible.

Today, this is exactly how my speaking and publishing business brings in my highly lucrative income.

People call me, want only me, ask me for my fee, agree to my fee ... I go speak!

People go on line with a need, they search, they find "me" and they want what

I have to offer!

It's exactly how I decided I wanted it to be and MasterMinded for it.

Attracting people wanting what I have to offer in every area of my business!

This too is exactly what I wanted and decided for utilizing my method for MasterMinding.

This is exactly the creative energy that flows through me as ideas and hunches. My agreement with my MasterMind partners is simply that we have fun following any new insights and connections that we receive - doing ONLY what is in front of us to do!

Absolutely every aspect of my business and marketing plan is designed to attract sales.

Know What You Want And Get It: MasterMinding 101® Online Course gives you everything you need to language more powerfully in formulating your goals and requests.

It also gives you everything you need to think where you've never let yourself think before, in regard to what you really, in your heart of hearts, want!

The course also gives you powerful exercises to transform your MasterMind group and to become cohesive, powerful and S Y N E R G I S T I C.

This course even shows you exactly how to attract the right and perfect partners for your MasterMind group.



Re: MasterMinding
Dear Mary,

It was very nice talking to you earlier. I believe in the power of MasterMinding and I like your Know What You Want And Get It: MasterMinding 101® Online Course and the eBook a lot.

It was great that I had the opportunity to talk to you and started the interim MasterMinding process already.

My current goal is to find one or two MasterMinding partners to help me bring out my full potential and achieve my goal of creating a successful business.

I think I am ready to make great advances in my lift. I really appreciate your help!
Best, Michael Zhao


Re: MasterMinding
Mary, thanks for your support in seeing for me that 2 MasterMind partners are on their way to me now....and your great idea! I am reading the related sections of your eCourse you recommended, and its very helpful... I will keep you posted.
Michael Zhao


Re: MasterMinding

I followed my inner guidance/hunches, as you suggested, and found one MM partner, someone I met a couple of times before. He read "Think and Grow Rich" before and liked the idea a lot. We plan to start our first MM meeting next Tuesday.

In the mean time, I am trying to find another MM partner. I posted an ad as you suggested in the course, and am waiting for responses.

I think this is a successful first step, and thank you very much for your great support!
Michael Zhao


Re: MasterMinding

Yes, I feel like the MasterMinding process is unfolding for me. Thanks for your help. I will keep you informed.
Michael Zhao


Re: MasterMinding
Dear Mary,

I am excited to let you know that I found the second MM partner, within the month of April just as stated in the MM request. It seems like a miracle to me. The second partner was brought to me by my first MM partner at our second MM meeting on April 29, and we had instant connection. We decided to have weekly meetings for 8 weeks initially.

Mary, thank you very much for your help in realizing what I thought was hard and impossible. Now I have more faith in MM, and I am on my way to create a successful business. I tried a few times in the past few years but did not succeed. Now I believe I am ready, and am deciding to create a successful business within this year. Yes, I am willing to ask for it, and willing to accept it.

You are welcome to use my success story in your MasterMinding book (and more success stories in the future :).
Michael Zhao


MasterMinding works!
In my work with over 20,000 people in a short two year period I found some alarming things about how people were setting their goals - and not necessarily experiencing not only the achievement of them, but an improvement in the quality of their lives.

People tend to:

- only set goals that they believe are possible, rather than what they really want,

-'not' think in terms of setting goals that will influence or affect difficult people or situations in their lives,

- fight for limitation, and get it,

- write generalized, discombobulated, boring, and therefore lifeless goals,

- think alone and therefore have repetitive, conditioned fear based thinking of lack and limitation,

- that they have to do it all alone,

- think it's about will power, competition, greed,

- think it's about trying harder at what has already not worked for them. That if they had more will power, enough self-discipline, if they weren't procrastinators, if they were more responsible, etc., etc., etc.

The Fact Is: people need people to make stuff happen!

Walt Disney said, "You can dream, create, design and build the most wonderful place in the World ...but it requires people to make the dream a reality."


Dearest Mary,

I am now meeting my goals one step at a time. It has not been as hard as I thought it would be. It took some courage to trust myself and go for it.

Here's what I've done through utilizing your MasterMinding 101® course and the power of my MasterMind partners....

  • Lost sixteen pounds without dieting, through following the specific goals and requests you created in the course to use in combination with the MasterMinding. Putting things in perspective helped me release the weight without dieting.
  • The MasterMind Principle has also helped me take action regarding my twenty-eight year old step-son in taking charge of his life. He's now out of the house having the adventure of his life!
  • My brother in law, who went back to doing drugs, is now in drug rehab, and he's found his spiritual connection, finally. He's tried to depend on himself, and he now realizes that there is definitely something greater trying to happen.

The peace that came at the moment of my resolve, after the application of the "MasterMind Principle" in combination with the ONE energy strategy, was indescribable, and I found that I had a skip to my step that I haven't had in years. The MasterMinding methods and techniques you recommend using with my MasterMind partners gave me the approval I needed to believe in myself and to set energy in motion. My marriage is also back on track, and Life Is So Good."
Sincerely, Gina

Hello Mary,

When I read the Know What You Want And Get It: MasterMinding 101® Online Course materials I was really moved. I decided then that I would change my mindset about food. Rather than thinking I shouldn't eat this because it's bad for me I changed that thought with--Whatever I eat is healthy for my body, provides proper nourishment and helps me lose weight. That was in February 2006 and I was busting out of a size 12.

In early April I visited North Carolina where I saw friends I hadn't seen in months, maybe even years. They all said, "Wow, Trevy, you look great." I noticed then that my clothing was loose on me and before long the size 10s were loose (and I'm proud to say they still are).

Thank you Mary for changing my life through your Masterminding Program.

Trevy A. McDonald, Ph.D.
Author/Publisher/Transformational Speaker


In Mary's Unique 12-session
"Know What You Want And Get It: MasterMinding 101® Online Course"
you will discover ...

How to attract the perfect team of like-minded individuals who want to think where they've never thought before and believe where they've never believed before to create rich and fulfilling lives,

How to use the "Mary method" of MasterMinding rather than limit it's potentiality by solely using it as a brainstorming session ...or worse yet, advice giving session,

How to no longer do, do, do - try this, try that - try, try ...try, try, try, try!

How to "instead" specifically formulate your weekly MasterMind requests to set energy in motion to either attract people, circumstance and events to you, or, for new creative ideas and solutions to come through you ... and to you,

How to team in the zone for the extraordinary results you want,

How to MasterMind to dissolve your most problematic situation or personal characteristic / concern,

How to decide for specific financial goals and achieve them within the time frame you determine,

How to energize and create synergism within your group in the first MasterMind session,

How to do weekly goal probing and criteria setting,

How to instantly formulate a MasterMind request from an impossible situation,

How to request what you really want and stop settling for less than you want,

How to take an ambiguous, lifeless goal and get intentional and deliberate about it,

How to visualize for another without getting bogged down in their reality,

How to MasterMind for others - any distance away - that are not in the group,

And you'll also DISCOVER a great deal more as your group begins honing in on the vibrational power of language and any limiting beliefs you still have that pop out when faced with anything happening unlike what you prefer.

You will also have Group Exercises to develop the synergism of your group, Food for Thought, and Success Stories that support the concept being taught in each session.

When you begin MasterMinding and applying the specific guidelines and techniques I'm recommending, you'll notice immediately within the first week, that things are in fact, coming to you a lot easier.

You will FIND YOURSELF ...

consciously listening in a supportive, accepting, and approving way,

truly a sensing, hearing and acknowledging your spirit's desire,

applying less effort for more results,

knowing you never have to do it alone,

feeling the power of a decision, backed by desire,

understanding the physics of desire as it relates to energy in motion,

developing unusual clarity and interpreting intuition,

how to set energy in motion and get results quickly and easily,

disrupting your habits, to determine a different and intentionally better future,

and using a "no exceptions policy" approach to focus on what you want.

What you will receive from this course, is ENDLESS...

You will discover how to defuse any failure mechanism and fuel personal achievement faster than ever before through user friendly Quantum physics, spirituality, language, stories and examples. This Online Course incorporates the most recent breakthroughs in science, psychology, technology, and physiology of the mind.

So the question now is, "What is it you really want?"

Would it be spending more time with your family? Being able to work from your home? Becoming a CEO of a large company? Living in the country among glorious scenery and wildlife? Traveling around the World?

Would you enjoy more time to go golfing? Swimming? Sailing? Or another leisure activity you enjoy doing?

One of the things that the Know What You Want And Get It: MasterMinding 101® Online Course will help you do is define exactly what success is for you. Not what your culture, spouse, children, the demands of your day, and other things define.

You will begin to understand the mindset you've been subscribing to and you will, with the energy of your MasterMind partners, set new attractor energy patterns - AEP's - in motion from which to attract exactly what you prefer to have has your experience in any and all areas of your life that you choose!

What you want most is what must become your new mode of operation. Perhaps having a luxurious house and a BMW is for you. Perhaps it isn't.

It's important that you learn, from the rigorous workout of the Know What You Want And Get It: MasterMinding 101® Online Course work, how exactly to define, and decide for the riches you seek. Why?

Just as a Magnet Draws Steel, You'll be a Setting Energy
In Motion to Deliberately and Intentionally Attract People,
Opportunities, and Ideas for your Financial Success & Freedom!

Now you must take the next step.

If you feel ready to rock and roll with MasterMinding, and if you dig the concept of attracting money and success come to you instead of chasing it, I urge you to act now.

I know that you will experience results immediately with MasterMinding information, even before you get a group together.

The energy of the information alone, will create whatever needs to happen to come through you to bring together a powerful team to begin this with.

As you just begin to peruse the material, you will find that things will come to you that hadn't before or things will come to you a lot easier.

You can purchase and access the Online Course right now for only $297.

Here's How You Can Get Started
Setting Energy in Motion with MasterMinding
In the Next 10 Minutes ...

When you click on the button below, you'll be taken to a secure order page for your credit card information.

We use a third party secure processing company, so your order information is kept completely confidential -- only the processing company and your credit card company can access the information.

Your order is processed immediately, and you'll get a receipt for your purchase with a link to where you can access the Online Course right away.

The "You have Everything To Gain" Guarantee

You can order the Know What You Want And Get It: MasterMinding 101® Online Course with complete confidence. Simply go to the course and read the Index and Session Two: The MasterMind Connection. By the time you have read this far, you will absolutely know that this program is the one for you.

 Guarantee We know that, if you follow the steps and do the work, you will have a life-transforming experience and that you will be thrilled with my Know What You Want And Get It: MasterMinding 101® Online Course.

Just to back that up, we'll give you a 100% equivalent CREDIT up to 3 days after your purchase. Use this credit towards any of my electronic products or my future events within one year. Please note that, because this digital product includes instant access to all videos, audio recordings, transcripts, templates, scripts and materials, no cash refunds can be granted. But again, we're happy to offer you a full credit toward any electronic product or future event within one year.


Get your Know What You Want And Get It: MasterMinding 101® Online Course
or one of these other ways of introduction to MasterMinding right now.

Get Started MasterMinding Today!

Know What You Want And Get It: MasterMinding 101® Online Course,
PLUS 12 Hours Audio MP3s Training with recorded Hot Seat Coaching

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Immediate access to the Know What You Want And Get It: MasterMinding 101® Online Course & $800 Free Training Resources

Print the contents in their entirety or in sections.

No shipping - no waiting - this is an ONLINE Course immediately accessible at your Online DASHBOARD.

eAudios available for immediate online listening or downloading and burning onto your own CD or mp-3 for learning as you go.


SO THERE YOU HAVE IT! 4 Ways you can positively expand every area of your life!

The real questions you've got to ask yourself are these: Are you really RESOLVED about creating your richest life ever? Are you ready and willing for things to be easier ... to let go of the lesser for the greater?

You've got everything to gain from ordering my Know What You Want And Get It: MasterMinding 101® Online Course - you owe it to yourself (and the future you want to create) to take advantage of this generous offer.

Look, if you're truly serious about finding a way to attract health, wealth and loving relationships into your life - by simply working just a few hours a day - meeting with your MasterMind partners once a week by phone or at coffee, and by using the MasterMind Principle... there really is no substitute for this step-by-step system.

Trust what feels best and go for it! You'll be glad you did.

AND Please let me know what happens! I look forward to hearing about how your life has been transformed to being all that you desire that it be.

To Your Richest Life,
Your MasterMinding Maven® - Mary Robinson Reynolds, B.A., M.S.
New England

The Nations Leading MasterMind Expert

Author of: A Dozen Inspiring Movies

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